Monthly Satsang Audios

Join us in the online Awakening Together Sanctuary on the third Sunday of each month at 7:30pm ET/4:30pm Pacific for a 90-minute Satsang with a different wisdom-teacher each month. All Satsang audios are archived here.

6-18-17 Monthly Satsang with Craig Holliday

Listen to the audio Rev. Jacquelyn Eckert interviewed Craig for this program. Craig Holliday is a gifted Meditation and Spiritual Teacher trained in both the Yogic and Buddhist traditions and Licensed Professional Counselor.  Craig travels frequently offering Nondual Meditation Workshops, Retreats, and Satsang.  Craig presents on spiritual topics at the Science and Nonduality Conference, yoga festivals, churches,… Continue Reading

5-21-17 Monthly Satsang with Fred Davis

Listen to the audio Rev. Jacquelyn Eckert interviewed Fred for this program. FRED DAVIS is an independent, nondual spiritual teacher, and transformative philosopher. He studied and practiced Eastern wisdom for twenty-five years prior to 2006, when seeking ended, and his true awakening commenced. He is the creator and editor of Awakening Clarity, and the founder of The Living… Continue Reading

4-16-17 Monthly Satsang with Jac O’Keeffe

Listen to the audio Rev. Jacquelyn Eckert interviewed Jac for this program.  Jac O’Keeffe experienced a spontaneous awakening in 1997. This gave her access to powerful intuitive and healing capacities and influenced her change in career from pioneering community arts policy at the national level in Ireland to opening a healing practice. She worked closely with… Continue Reading

Monthly Satsang with Paul Hedderman – 3-19-17

Listen to this Audio Paul Hedderman is a favorite of many from the AA community because he has been active with the recovery community since 1988. Paul has exceptional clarity and a rather unconventional presentation style. Rev. Jacquelyn Eckert interviewed Paul for this program. Watch the video here: For more information about Paul or to… Continue Reading

Monthly Satsang – Mary Reed – 1-15-17

Mary Reed is an “accidental” mystic who, following eleven years of profound, involuntary visions and insights into divine realms, surrendered her executive life in Washington, DC to explore her spiritual gifts in a remote Buddhist nunnery in India. She grew up without any interest in religion but with an innate knowing that humans had more… Continue Reading

Cate Grieves – Awakening Together Satsang – 12-18-16

Reverend Jacquelyn Eckert interviewed this month’s guest, Cate Grieves. Cate has facilitated study groups, online study groups, workshops and recently presented at the Australian ACIM Conference. Cate has four YouTube clips, three of which relate to the Rules for Decision section of ACIM. Listen to the audio recording or watch the video below. In January… Continue Reading

Satsang with Amoda Maa Jeevan – 11-20-16

Reverend Jacquelyn Eckert interviewed Amoda Maa Jeevan for Awakening Together’s Monthly Satsang Amoda Maa is a contemporary spiritual teacher and author. In 2002, after many years of spiritual seeking, meditation and immersion in psycho-spiritual practices, an experience of the dark night of the soul led to a profound inner awakening. In surrendering wholeheartedly to the unfolding unknown-ness and aliveness… Continue Reading

Loch Kelly – Awakening Together Satsang – 10/16/16

Loch Kelly, M.Div. LCSW is the author of, Shift into Freedom: The Science and Practice of Open-Hearted Awareness which was awarded “Top 10 Best Books of the Year” by Spirituality & Health Magazine. Loch is an educator, licensed psychotherapist and recognized leader in the field of meditation who was asked to teach meditation by Mingyur Rinpoche and… Continue Reading

Tess Hughes – Awakening Together Satsang – 9/18/16

Tess is the author of the book: “This above all, a journey of self discovery”.   In this pre-recorded interview of Tess Hughes by Rev. Jacquelyn Eckert, Tess will discuss her own awakening and her conviction that “enlightenment isn’t just for … exotic person[s] from by-gone eras.  Rather, this potential is in every one, and… Continue Reading

Brent Haskell Satsang – 8/21/16

Brent Haskell is the author of Journey Beyond Words and The Other Voice: A Companion to the Text of The Course Chapters 1-15 (Miracles Studies Book).   He taught A Course in Miracles for many years.  In 1990 he began hearing a Voice that identified itself as Jeshua. He received teachings, books and articles from… Continue Reading

Audio & Video of June 2016 Satsang with Chris Celine

This month Jacquelyn Eckert interviewed Chris Celine for our monthly Awakening Together Satsang. Chris Celine is an awakened spiritual Mystic and guide to many beloveds seeking a gentle way home. A powerful healer and seer, Chris Celine transmits the love of God in profound and life altering ways. Her pure love can be received in… Continue Reading

Audio and Video from May 2016 Satsang with Ellie Roozdar

Ellie Roozdar is an awakened teacher that Rick Archer, host of Buddha at the Gas Pump, has called “a finisher.” In other words, she joins with those who are ready for awakening and helps them to awaken. When we listen to Ellie without defenses, her clarity penetrates. Rev. Regina Dawn Akers interviewed Ellie Roozdar live… Continue Reading

Audio from April Satsang with John Sherman

Listen to this audio   John Sherman’s Story: Late in 1975, when he was 33 years old, John discovered the perfect idea of perfect Social Justice, and set out to become the perfect Communist revolutionary. He joined with a small group of anarcho-communist radicals, and embarked upon four years of bank robberies, property bombings, gunfights… Continue Reading

Audio from March Satsang with Bob Fergeson

This month’s Satsang guest was Bob Fergeson. Bob is the author of ‘The Listening Attention‘ and a new novel about awakening called, “Dark Zen – A Guru on the Bayou.” Bob’s spiritual teacher was Richard Rose. Bob says, “I took his advice to heart, put what little I could into practice, and it gives results. I… Continue Reading

Audio from the Satsang with Scott Kiloby

Click here to listen to this audio Scott Kiloby is an author and international speaker on the subject of freedom through non-dual realization, a Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor/Registered Addiction Specialist, Director of the Kiloby Center for Recovery, Inc. and Founder of the Living Inquiries Community. Scott’s message is simple: Rest. Inquire. Enjoy Life. “Rest” refers… Continue Reading

January 2016 Satsang with Timothy Conway – Audio

Timothy Conway has been our Satsang guest twice before. He was also a speaker at our 2014 Fall Retreat in Santa Barbara. As Timothy’s website says, “This Timothy Conway fellow is a story within a dream… A mere, mortal figment pointing you back to the immortal Divine Dreamer, Your Real Self, the One Who Alone… Continue Reading

Audio from Awakening Together Satsang with Liz Cronkite

Liz Cronkite has been a student of A Course in Miracles since 1984, and a trained life-coach since 2000. She began one-on-one mentoring of Course students from around the world in 2006. She is the author of 4 Habits for Inner Peace & The Message of A Course in Miracles: A Translation of the Text in Plain… Continue Reading

Satsang Audio with Miranda Macphearson

Miranda Macpearson is a teacher, counselor and author of Boundless Love and The Journey Home. Known for her depth of presence and refined capacity as a guide into direct experience of the sacred, Miranda teaches and transmits a powerful synthesis of self-inquiry, depth psychology, devotion and meditation. Inspired by Ramana Maharshi, A Course in Miracles,… Continue Reading

Satsang Audio with Susanne Marie

Let me introduce you to Susanne Marie: Susanne Marie writes, “I am delighted to share with you what I, and many others, have discovered to be possible, that the experience of feeling separate from life is a time-bound, limited perception that can be dissolved. Simply an innocent function of the mind, feelings of separation can… Continue Reading

Satsang Audio with John Mark Stroud

John Mark Stroud experienced a shift into enlightenment after spending a month at Oneness University in India. He was a Course student prior to that and he returned to the Course after his awakening. He describes his post-awakening experience with the Course this way: “I continued my work with A Course in Miracles, but instead… Continue Reading

Audio from Satsang with Ram Das Batchelder

Regina Dawn Akers interviewed Ram Das Batchelder for Awakening Together’s August 2015 Satsang. In this interview, Ram Das shares enthusiastically about his early spiritual path and the ego-delusions that accompanied his first experiences of God. He also shares how he found his Satguru, Amma, “the hugging saint.” In the final 30 minutes of the interview,… Continue Reading

Audio from July Satsang with Tony Samara

Tony Samara, author of The Simplicity of Love Meditation returned this month for another Satsang interview with Regina. This month’s interview covered the following topics: Embracing the creative moment of this now Transcending the inner saboteur Learning to let the Heart make choices for us The connection between the brain and choices Realizing who I am The Keys to… Continue Reading

Audio from June Satsang with Tony Samara

Tony Samara was born in England. He grew up in Egypt, England, and Norway. He had an unusual curiosity as a boy, which led to a very serious spiritual interest by the time he was a teenager. Even though Tony was a very good student, he decided to apply himself to meditation instead of going to university. At the… Continue Reading

Audio from Online Satsang with Gina Lake

Gina Lake was a wonderful guest for our monthly online Satsang. She was authentic, clear and generous with her sharing. In 1999, Gina Lake awakened to her true nature. After awakening, she discovered her purpose, which is writing and teaching in order to help people be in the present moment and live happy and fulfilled… Continue Reading

Audio from Online Satsang with Mukti

Listen to the delightful conversation with Adyashanti’s wife, Mukti. Mukti has been a student of her husband, Adyashanti, since he began teaching in 1996. Together they founded Open Gate Sangha. Previously, Mukti studied the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda for over 20 years. In her teachings, Mukti points audiences back to their natural state of wholeness… Continue Reading

Audio from 2/15/15 Satsang with Nirmala

On Sunday, February 15, 2015, Regina Dawn Akers interviewed Nirmala for Awakening Together’s monthly online Satsang. Nirmala offers free e-books, audios, videos and articles on his website, Endless-Satsang. His friend and mentor, Adyashanti, describes Nirmala this way: “What is appealing about Nirmala is his humility and lack of pretense, which welcomes whatever arises within the… Continue Reading

January Satsang with Daniel Nahmod

Our guest this month was Daniel Nahmod. Daniel is a record producer, songwriter, and recording artist. He has performed his profound, heart-opening original music for over one million people in 45 U.S. states and Canada since beginning his music career in 1999… selling 100,000 CDs to date and receiving literally thousands of standing ovations along the… Continue Reading

December Satsang with Timothy Conway

This was our second online Satsang this year with dear, sweet, generous Timothy. Tonight we discussed several common topics of confusion including:   ~ Effort on the spiritual path versus ‘no effort’ or ‘just stop’ in order to awaken ~ Relationship between awakening and improvements in health and the world condition ~ Allowing all things to be… Continue Reading

November Satsang with Nyki Dobson

A founding member of Awakening-Together, Nyki serves on our Member Board of Trustees. She shares her life story, its many challenges and how they were a part of her own spiritual awakening. This is a powerful audio. It is inspirational for all who have had challenging life experiences, since Nyki’s demonstration encourages us to question the old order of our ego and… Continue Reading

Listen to the audio from our Satsang with Jan Frazier

In August 2003, Jan Frazier experienced a radical transformation of consciousness. You could say that instant clarity arose, because she was suddenly looking at life from another point of reference. Instead of looking from the perspective of the psyche known as the personal self, Jan’s identity shifted to the spaciousness that is universal awareness. With this shift, a… Continue Reading

Audio from Satsang with Bentinho Massaro

This Sunday’s Satsang guest was Bentinho Massaro, a young enlightened master who shines with joy, love and a strong sense of freedom. Bentinho told us how, at an early age, he grew tired of living non-authentically and began to seek for his authentic Self. He shared his experience of recognizing awareness (enlightenment), and then going… Continue Reading

Awakening Together Satsang with Chris Celine

Chris Celine was the guest for Awakening Together’s August online Satsang. Chris is an awakened spiritual mystic fluent in the teachings of A Course in Miracles. A healer and seer, she is a living example of the Love of God. Visit Chris’ website. Click here to listen to this 90 minute Satsang Continue Reading

Kirtana – Awakening Together Satsang Audio

What a joy Kirtana was as our guest this month for Awakening Together Satsang! Kirtana is a singer/songwriter who has been writing songs and playing guitar ever since she was eleven. As a teenager, she was drawn to reading the books of spiritual masters such as Yogananda, Ram Dass, Alan Watts and more. She was… Continue Reading

Tess Hughes – Awakening Together Satsang 6/15/2014

Self-Inquiry is a private matter, Tess had realizations that she never talked about with anyone. Tess engaged in a focused observation practice that brought profound awakening in her. Listen as Tess shares her simple yet profound experience of awakening that rises above all our assumptions, presumptions, and expectations. Tess has truly found the peace that… Continue Reading

Magdi – Awakening Together Satsang Audio

In 1973 while in college studying engineering, Magdi was walking to the library on campus when consciousness knocked unexpectedly on his door and, as he says in his own words, “revealed to me that I was not what I thought I was. In a flash, I realized that the person I took myself to be… Continue Reading

Timothy Conway – Awakening Together Satsang, 4/20/14

Timothy Conway experienced spiritual awakening when he was 16 years old, an awakening that was a sudden shift from seeing like a sixteen year old teenager who loved sports to seeing only the absolute as the absolute. He jokes that his parents thought he had started taking drugs. But what were they to think? Their… Continue Reading

Awakening Together Satsang with Bob Fergeson (March 16th, 2014)

Bob Fergeson, of the TAT Foundation – – spoke on his process of spiritual growth from “hiding” in a guru-led enviornment, to being removed from there not by his choice, which he describes as a traumatic yet awakening experience. He said that was the first of two emotional, deep awakening experiences when after he… Continue Reading

Awakening Together Satsang with Nouk Sanchez (Feb 16, 2014)

Regina Dawn Akers hosts Nouk Sanchez as our special guest for the February 2014 Satsang in the Awakening Together Sanctuary. Regina and Nouk discuss ideas like awakening, death, the relationship of health to awakening and ideas taught in A Course in Miracles. Nouk also introduces her new book, The End of Death, Volume One. Listen… Continue Reading

Awakening Together Satsang with Mike Loween

Mike Loween joined us for our first Awakening Together Satsang on Sunday, January 19, 2014. Mike shared his story with us including his experience before the spiritual path, on the spiritual path, … then a shift happened …, and since the shift. He also answered questions. Listen to this audio Continue Reading