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The Audacity of Lies by Chris Celine

Child of God. Child…innocence…new. To carry the acceptance that you are a child. To carry the acceptance that everything is new and innocent is to allow yourself to turn away from the jaded “knowing” identity that the ego likes to portray. There is a belief that being smart is somehow an advantage. Smart in a… Continue Reading

I Must Love Every Moment, by Chris Celine

Eternal innocence. The word innocence means different things to different beloveds. Innocence is devoid of struggle. Innocence is devoid of right and wrong, good or bad, light or dark. Innocence is not attached to time and not afraidofdeath. Allofthisisinnocenceinthetruesensethatinyourinnocent Self, all is pure and Holy and has no attachment to the made-up world of levels,… Continue Reading

I Rest in God, by Chris Celine

I Have Learned So much from God That I can no longer Call myself A Christian, a Hindu, a Muslim, A Buddhist or a Jew. The Truth has shared so much of Itself With me That I can no longer call myself A Man, a woman, an angel Or even pure Soul. Love has Befriended… Continue Reading

No Correction, by Chris Celine

Innocent Light of God. These words declare the state of Being that has no resemblance to the ego’s identity. And yet, to accept that you are innocence itself, that you are Light itself must be the choosing that changes everything. When the Divine gave us choice, it was to truly encompass choice as the most… Continue Reading

The Willingness to Heal – Transcript of Chris Celine Satsang

Innocent creation. Accept that innocence is all that there is. How do you navigate that innocence is all that there is? If you wake up in the morning and you embrace that you are innocent, that you are the innocence of God, the innocence of Creation, what can follow for the day? To accept that… Continue Reading

The Congregation, by Rev. Sherry Daves

On February 27, 2016 I was ordained, along with 21 others, as an Awakening Together minister. I had just participated in a 25-month program of intense, and intensely personal, spiritual study with ten very dedicated others, and I looked forward to what the next steps in that journey would bring for me and for the… Continue Reading

The Ego is Not the Devil – Scribed by Regina Dawn Akers

The Ego is Not the Devil Scribed by Regina Dawn Akers, February 13, 2005 The ego is not the devil. It isn’t a force outside of you that finds pleasure in deceiving you. It isn’t anything to struggle against or to fear, although it can feel as if it is. The ego is a mistake… Continue Reading

Letting Go of Blame – Satsang by Chris Celine

Barbara Deurwaarder has transcribed Chris Celine’s Satsang, Letting Go of Blame. Here is an excerpt from this Satsang: Blame keeps the sad game going. You can keep blame in your back pocket, ready to pull it out like an identity card when you believe it’s necessary. But it’s a game that you’re playing. It’s a… Continue Reading

The Awakening of Bill Thetford, Co-Scribe of A Course in Miracles: An Article Written for Awakening Together by Carol Howe

Many people today are finding it ever more difficult to see the humorous and fun in every day life, besieged as we are by dire predictions and the sensational and emotionally driven content of our “news” sources. Thus, this is a perfect time to introduce Bill Thetford, co-scribe of A Course In Miracles, without doubt… Continue Reading

New Messages from Jeshua ben Joseph through Brent Haskell

This page contains messages from Jeshua ben Joseph through Brent Haskell, author of The Other Voice and Journey Beyond Words. These messages are not published and are currently only available from Brent Haskell through Awakening Together. Enjoy this gift! Copyright © 2016, Brent Haskell. All Rights Reserved. Posted on with permission.     Jeshua… Continue Reading

Technique: Come Into the Room by Liz Cronkite

Back in the day my thing was not dwelling on the past. It was living in the future. Some of this was goals and plans. But most of it was just fantasy, even fantasizing about one day being at peace. But either way it was not being here, now, the only time in which it… Continue Reading

Your Cells Are Listening: How Talking To Your Body Can Help You Heal by Therese Wade

“Every part of your body has its own consciousness or its own soul.” These transformative words, spoken by indigenous medicine women, began my journey within to discover the extraordinary healing capacity of the human body. When this perspective was introduced to me, I was suffering from a severe chronic pain disorder.  I suddenly imagined incorporating this… Continue Reading

Freedom From The Maze – Teaching story from Michael Langford (from Gathering on 10/8/2016)

TEACHING STORIES What follows are eight teaching stories created by Michael Langford for the purpose of helping spiritual aspirants see what the impostor self does not want them to see and what the impostor self usually prevents them from seeing. FREEDOM FROM THE MAZE Once upon a time, in the land of fictional stories created… Continue Reading

Surrender the Meaning, by Chris Celine

Innocence of God. Perfect, glorious light of creation. This truth within…this truth within that is all that is keeps disappearing from awareness. It comes up in glimpses and many times those glimpses…the instinct is to try to capture it, hold onto it, figure it out. But, it can’t be figured out. In the world, that’s… Continue Reading

Regina Dawn Akers
Habitual Believing & True Compassion – by Rev. Regina Dawn Akers

This morning I read an article about a Pakistani man who killed his sister because she married a Christian. To this Islamic family, her marriage was a disgrace. The killing is considered an honor killing. I have compassion for everyone involved in this story. Everyone involved is suffering from a belief that is believed by… Continue Reading

The Two Spiritual Goals, by Liz Cronkite

No matter a person’s spiritual path there are only two possible goals: To spiritualize the self’s life in the world or to transcend the self. The vast majority of people choose to spiritualize the self’s life in the world. Even if they’ve had higher miracles in which they perceive that the Truth is true and… Continue Reading

No Outcome, by Chris Celine

Exquisite perfection that lives within time. Holy Spirit of Love that walks within time. The use of time in the world is a mystery. It’s a mystery because time being the illusion that it is, having no reality, it could be just dismissed, and almost in every way it needs to be dismissed. It needs… Continue Reading

Jeshua: The Script is Written, scribed by Brent Haskell

Greetings to you this day. I am Jeshua. And I have come, as always, to discuss with you A Course in Miracles. You have been struggling, as it were, for some time, about some words, which I have placed in A Course in Miracles. And those words are these; “The script is written.” And what… Continue Reading

Death to Knowing, by Chris Celine

Unchangeable…perfection of God. The Truth of your unchangeable nature, your Divine Self, is the journey of remembering. You’re coming home to your unchangeable, divine Self. And, as this divine being in its perfection is completely unchangeable from its perfection, even while that acceptance brings the yes through faith. This is the Truth. At the same… Continue Reading

Dropping Distraction by Leo Babauta

Digital distractions plague all of us to varying extents, preventing us—myself included—from doing the things we want to do. This is a guide for anyone who wants to devote time to practice . . . but ends up fooling around online or playing iPhone trivia games (is that just me?) instead. Recognize When it Happens… Continue Reading


Scriptures are from the eternal. They belong to eternity. You’ve no issue with this idea. Yet, do you realise that the one who is holding the tattered book, is holier than that? Don’t you count yourself eternal? Not very much. Hence this rush for the old; for the testaments of the yore, given to the… Continue Reading

How Do I Know What Makes Me Beautiful? by David Hemphill

  How do I know what makes me beautiful? The truth is I am beauty. A critical voice in my head once thought That I was beautiful because of my body. That I was beautiful because of my perfection. It counseled me on all things beauty. It helped me analyze my days so that I… Continue Reading

Transcript of New Conversations with Michael Langford

On April 6, 2016, Regina Dawn Akers visited Michael Langford near his home in Nevada. Two 1-hour audios were recorded that day. Those audios are shared under Featured Talks. Regina and Michael had additional conversations that day that are not included on those audios. This is a transcript of the most important excerpts from those… Continue Reading

I Love Days Like Today, by Rev. David Hemphill

I love days like today. I have gotten to see so many of my flaws. Five of my major character flaws have come up today, and all of their associated feelings have bombarded me. I have been able to handle them all because today is so kind. The day has given me life. It has… Continue Reading

Nothing to Get, by Chris Celine

“The losing of identity is a golden gun. It was not easy to hold it against my head and fire, but necessary. I needed great faith in my masters to suffocate myself through their holy bag of full of truth. I needed great courage to go out into the dark, tracking God into the unknown… Continue Reading

My Easter Gift, by Rebecca Gibson

While listening to Awakening Together’s Sunday service I experienced my heart and soul breaking wide open. There was not a particular moment or person that hit the ‘start’ button but, rather, it was the totality of the service, starting with the opening song, the incredible reading, words spoken by the minister and continuing through the… Continue Reading

Helpful Self-Talk, by Rev. Regina Dawn Akers

In my teachings, I have shared many times that I used “helpful self-talk” in order to move through the purification process and allow healing to occur. I call this self-talk process, “active resting from the mind.” In other words, I didn’t want to listen to or believe the wrong mind, but often the emotions were… Continue Reading

My First Homily, by Hal Seeley

On February 27th I was honored to become an ordained Awakening Together Minister. My certificate says that I completed 72 weeks of classroom study, and I remember somewhere in that long stretch of weeks that we can get attached to concepts that often lead us astray as we travel our spiritual paths. Before I started… Continue Reading

Root Cause Inquiry by Hal Seeley

Many years ago a friend of mine introduced me to the book “Stepping Free of Limiting Patterns” written by a wonderful lady named Pat McCallum. What Pat wrote was a discovery of how to identify limiting patterns in one’s life and to re-pattern them to remove the limits imposed by the old patterns. I used… Continue Reading

Collected Quotes by Albert Einstein

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction.” “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” “Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.” “I want to know God’s thoughts; the rest are… Continue Reading

‘I Exist’ – A Poem by Carla Mahle

    I have heard you And I have heard you say that I don’t trust you. But the truth is that You don’t trust yourself. You ask where I am But I am with you. Just trust that I am not separate from you. I am part of you And have always been here.… Continue Reading

I Don’t Know What is Best, by David Hemphill

I don’t know what is best for my life. So how could I know what’s best for anyone else’s? I’ve had this train of thought for a few weeks now. And I’m really happy to have it because it allows me to love my family no matter what. I’m not in charge of anybody, nor… Continue Reading

The Present and the Process, by Liz Cronkite

First, this mind believed it was a self in a process toward the goal of peace. Then one day it had an experience while meditating that Truth is right here. It was the Holy Instant and It was breathtaking. This mind realized that in meditation, and in everything else, it always reached for Truth. And… Continue Reading

Surrender, Gratitude – By Dawn Green

Surrender. Gratitude. These two words have become a sweet experience in my life. They are also my practice. One of the tools that I learned when I was on staff at El Cielo, our residential treatment centre in Cost Rica, is to embrace the things that I resisted by acknowledging to myself, “This is what… Continue Reading

What I Wish For, by Jan Frazier

Sometimes I ask myself this: If this were to be my last opportunity to say something that might be of use, what might I say? What would I wish for people?  That they not miss the moment. Not miss life, the very thing. The now of it. That the mental noise abate enough, some part of… Continue Reading

You Are Never Far From Healing by Jeff Foster

      You are never far from healing, for healing is not a destination. It is more like a remembering; a constant invitation. It is like the Sun; always there, yet sometimes hidden by innocent clouds. When you feel far from healing, when doubt rages, and sorrow fills your being, and pain stings and… Continue Reading

Awakening Together Weekend Beyond with Bentinho Massaro is Available for Viewing! (All 6 Sessions)

Bentinho has shared videos from his portion of the 2015 Awakening Together Fall Retreat. Enjoy! Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5: Part 6: Continue Reading

Looking at the Fear of Losing a Loved One with Liz Cronkite

Question: “…I contacted you almost 4 years ago when my husband of 20 years, and the kindest, most supportive and best friend I’ve ever had, died suddenly and unexpectedly in his sleep at the age of 43. I contacted you soon after and asked your thoughts about seeing a world famous medium and you said… Continue Reading

The Game of Awakening by Ram Dass

We have built up a set of ego habits for gaining satisfaction. For some it involves pleasure; for others, more neurotic, it involves pain. As you look at many people’s lives you see that their suffering is in a way gratifying, for they are comfortable in it. They make their lives a living hell, but… Continue Reading

Windward Side, a poem by Carla Mahle

One day I went atraipsing down to Windward Side. There was a full moon blazing; the ocean at low tide. I’d found a wild hair and convinced it was my night, I went down to Windward grabbing everything in sight As I was gadding all about, for twas all a lark to me, I stumbled… Continue Reading

Why Pray for Others?

I recently announced that Prayer Circle is moved to a new day and new time. When I made that announcement, one member wrote: “I am very glad for this time change. For some reason unknown to me (yet) I cannot wrap my mind around ‘prayer’. I have done root cause inquiry a few times on… Continue Reading

I Have a Covenant with the World, by David Hemphill

I have a covenant with the world. It is that things will always end. It is a promise that the divine has given to me and that never breaks. Sorrow will end. Happiness will end. Pain will end. Longing will end. Life will end. Death will end. Thought will end. Hunger will end. Purpose will… Continue Reading

Unfolding Detachment, by Liz Cronkite

Once upon a time as this mind’s awareness of Truth grew the natural result was that this mind came to experience that it was “in the world but not of the world”, as the popular phrase goes. This meant that it felt that it was still a self operating in the world but that it… Continue Reading

Deal at Your Level of Awareness, by Liz Cronkite

Often when I answer in my newsletter/blog a question from someone experiencing an upset in their life they explain that they have tried and failed over and over again to forgive the situation as just a projected image in their mind. This effort would seem to be in line with A Course in Miracles but… Continue Reading

Coming to Know a Truth, by Hal Seeley

I have experienced a tumultuous few weeks being on a roller coaster of emotions and found myself becoming very skeptical of this whole idea of this world being a dream and that we are something other than what we appear to be. And as usual it was a good thing. I needed to reboot and… Continue Reading

Auto-Connect, by Gloria Wells

In today’s modern, high tech society we get to enjoy the benefits of cell phone and internet connections that we often give little or no thought to. As I completed my latest Minister Preparation Program (MPP) course and learned more about the teachings of Ramana Maharshi, I had the opportunity to contemplate just how similar… Continue Reading

What is Death? – by Karen Berg-Raftakis

A week ago my father died. It happened suddenly, so most of my family were not only experiencing grief, but shock. I felt these emotions myself a couple of times during the first few days and some tears were shed. However, soon afterwards, I felt nothing but gladness, joy and peace. I was able to… Continue Reading

The Interspiritual Revolution

HOW THE OCCUPY GENERATION IS RE-ENVISIONING SPIRITUALITY “We must all achieve our identity on the basis of a radical authenticity… [for] it is only in the real world of the person – neither singular nor plural – that the crucial factors influencing the course of the universe are at work.” ~ Raimundo Panikkar, “The Silence… Continue Reading

Total Surrender: Die Before You Die (by Bentinho Massaro)

In this video teaching, Bentinho leads viewers on a guided realization experience of “die before you die.” If you give this teaching your full attention, it may take you into the depths of letting go so that you experience total release. If you’ve never been quite sure what “letting go” means, you might learn through your own… Continue Reading

The Car and the Pilot Light of Fear, by Karen Worth

Before these experiences happened I would have told you that I had very little fear. And what I discovered through this experience was just how good I had gotten at stuffing the fear down and trying to ignore it. Like the story about how if you try to push a ballon under water you can… Continue Reading

Spiritual Pride by Ram Dass

Mad with joy, life and death dance to the rhythm of this music. The hills and the sea and the earth dance. The world of man dances in laughter and tears. Why put on the robe of the monk, and life aloof from the world in lonely pride? ~ Kabir A persistent trap all along… Continue Reading

Can We Practice Seeing the Real World Through Meditation?, by Karen Worth

Note: This article was written by a student of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) and assumes some ACIM knowledge. Before you decide not to read this, please give me one minute of your time. Ok, set your timer, just one minute.   First off, I’m not talking about living in a cave, or giving up… Continue Reading

The Story Perumal Swami and Ramana Maharshi

Adapted from The Human Gospel of Ramana Maharshi by John Troy Perumal Swami was a tough guy with a robust body and a rough demeanor. He came to Ramana Maharshi when Ramana lived in Viru-pak-sha cave in 1914. His first meeting with Ramana left him awestruck. He accepted Ramana as his guru, decided to be… Continue Reading

Magdi’s conversations with seekers, #2:

Magdi will be a retreat leader at the Awakening Together Satsang Retreat in Santa Barbara from September 12-14, 2014. In preparation for the retreat, I am sharing a couple of conversations he has had with seekers. Click here to read the first conversation. Here is today’s conversation: Questioner: I will try to describe what happened to my consciousness this… Continue Reading

Magdi’s conversations with seekers, #1

Magdi will be a retreat leader at the Awakening Together Satsang Retreat in Santa Barbara from September 12-14, 2014. In preparation for the retreat, I am sharing two conversations he has had with seekers. Here is the first conversation: Friend: Thank you Magdi for conscious connection, greetings from the Gold Coast. M: Lovely to connect with you…Friend: And you… Continue Reading

Questions from seekers answered by Timothy Conway, #6

Timothy Conway will be a retreat leader at the Awakening Together Satsang Retreat in Santa Barbara from September 12-14, 2014. He will also lead a Satsang at the ‘Soak in the Beauty’ retreat at the same location from September 14-18, 2014. In preparation for the retreat, I am sharing a series of questions answered by Timothy. To read the full… Continue Reading

Questions from seekers answered by Timothy Conway, #5

Timothy Conway will be a retreat leader at the Awakening Together Satsang Retreat in Santa Barbara from September 12-14, 2014. He will also lead a Satsang at the ‘Soak in the Beauty’ retreat at the same location from September 14-18, 2014. In preparation for the retreat, I am sharing a series of questions answered by Timothy. To read the full… Continue Reading

Questions from seekers answered by Timothy Conway, #4

Timothy Conway will be a retreat leader at the Awakening Together Satsang Retreat in Santa Barbara from September 12-14, 2014. He will also lead a Satsang at the ‘Soak in the Beauty’ retreat at the same location from September 14-18, 2014. In preparation for the retreat, I am sharing a series of questions answered by Timothy. To read the full… Continue Reading

Questions from seekers answered by Timothy Conway, #3

Timothy Conway will be a retreat leader at the Awakening Together Satsang Retreat in Santa Barbara from September 12-14, 2014. He will also lead a Satsang at the ‘Soak in the Beauty’ retreat at the same location from September 14-18, 2014. In preparation for the retreat, I am sharing a series of questions answered by… Continue Reading

Questions from seekers answered by Timothy Conway, #2

Timothy Conway will be a retreat leader at the Awakening Together Retreats held in Santa Barbara, California this September. In preparation for the retreats, this is the second in a series of questions answered by Timothy. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Q: Why are we here in the first place? This, along with… Continue Reading

Questions from seekers answered by Timothy Conway, #1

Timothy Conway will be a retreat leader at both the Awakening Together Satsang Retreat and the ‘Soak in the Beauty’ Retreat this September. Over the next several days I will post questions from seekers along with Timothy’s answers. The first question and answer is posted below. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Q: I cannot… Continue Reading

Looking at ego rebounds – by Liz Cronkite

Question for Liz from a reader: “I read somewhere in your story, or a blog post, that at some point in your journey with the Course, you experienced heavy ego “rebounding.” I am 1/3 through the workbook. I find there’s strong correlations for me between a day or few days of inner peace, much less ego chatter,… Continue Reading

Two poems by Kabir

Kabir, 1440 – 1518, Mystic poet and saint from India #1 Are you looking for me? I am in the next seat. My shoulder is against yours. You will not find me in the stupas, not in Indian shrine rooms, nor in synagogues, nor in cathedrals; not in masses, nor kirtans, not in legs winding around… Continue Reading

The Story of a Devoted Muslim

Adapted from “The Human Gospel of Ramana Maharshi” by John Troy Told by V. Ganesan, grand-nephew of Ramana Maharshi Masthan Swami was a staunch Muslim. His parents observed all religious codes, rituals, and disciplines rigorously, and brought him up in the same manner. Even as a child of eight years, he would enter into Samadhi… Continue Reading

Karen Ann Berg-Raftakis – Awakening and the Movies

Last week a friend and I rented a movie which received some really good reviews, but I was disappointed.  I thought the story and dialogue between the characters was poor, and it seemed like many of the actors were just regurgitating memorized material.  I wasn’t believing that what was happening was real at all.  During… Continue Reading

The Art of Contemplation

An article by Regina Dawn Akers Contemplation is the art of going beyond the mind’s understanding to another understanding, understanding that clearly transcends the mind. Some call it realization. If one is identified with the mind, wisdom-realization may have the feeling of coming from beyond “me.” One may give credit for the wisdom to Holy… Continue Reading

An excerpt nicknamed ‘The River’ from “Thomas Merton’s Path to the Palace of Nowhere”

An excerpt from a Sounds True recording entitled “Thomas Merton’s Path to the Palace of Nowhere”, by James Finley. It seems to me, that what immediately occurs upon entering a river, is that you get wet. And I am here using “getting wet” as a metaphor for spontaneous contemplative experience, that one gets wet. Now what’s so… Continue Reading

Timothy Conway – Healing Abusive Models of God

Finding the Living God of Love, Light, Truth, Beauty, Goodness, Kindness, Fullness and Bliss! In sharing spiritual awareness with so many wonderful people over the last 35+ years since my own lucky, Grace-filled gift of suddenly one day realizing in my 16th year that we are literally made out of God’s Love and Light and Peace… Continue Reading

Karen Ann Berg-Raftakis – Delegating to the Holy Spirit

Lately, I’ve been experiencing a lot of stress both at work and at home.  It seems as if I’ve collected more and more responsibilities over the years and the fear that I might “drop the ball” has become very real to me.  Last Sunday, obeying a sudden urge to get away, I left my house… Continue Reading

Timothy Conway – Awaken O God-Self!

Awaken, O God-Self! (A message from Awareness to Itself) Once upon a Timeless Now, in the Infinity of No-Space, You emanated, for no reason other than pure Delight, a fabulous dream-like universe of objects, a world of apparent “things.” Having conjured some very interesting forms, You thought (ha!) it might be rather entertaining to jump… Continue Reading

Danielle K. Wright – Willingness to be Gentle with Myself

As long as we have a single goal: Truth, the way it is uncovered is not our concern.   When I first moved in with my friend, Regina, there were certain things that really scared me…simple things that I was afraid of. I tried to force myself into healing them but I found that as… Continue Reading

What if I get comfort from ACIM but do not always believe it?

Question asked of Liz Cronkhite: I get a lot of comfort from reading A Course in Miracles (ACIM) but I have to admit I have not had some of the spiritual experiences that others say they have. I feel guilty to say this, but I’m not sure I really believe everything I read and frankly… Continue Reading

Timothy Conway – Our Real Nature

There is only AWARENESS. Sages have called this by many names—God, Pure Spirit, I AM THAT AM, Absolute Reality, the Nondual Self, Brahman/Atman, Being-Awareness-Bliss, Tao, Unborn Buddha-nature, Dharmakaya, Zen Mind, Clear Light, the One, and so on. Awareness, while being entirely open, transcendent, formless, changeless, timeless, spaceless, and world-less, is also THIS which is right… Continue Reading

Karen Ann Berg-Raftakis – Worshipping False Gods

Worshipping False Gods,  by Karen Ann Berg-Raftakis   “But to you who are strong enough to bear it, I say you need no mediator between you and Me, for we are One already. If you can but know it, you can come direct and at once to Me in consciousness.” Joseph Benner, The Impersonal Life   I’ve noticed lately… Continue Reading

Brian Longhurst – Excerpt from Diary of a Christ Commnicant

In Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians he states, in his famous, beautiful treatise on Love, ‘…Love… believeth all things…’ (1 Cor. 13:7) We appear to be in a cynical, unbelieving state of consciousness, demanding ‘proof’ of what we do not see before being willing to believe it. Yet it is the veil, or blind… Continue Reading

How may I fix my mind on God? How ought we to live in the world?

Questioner: How, sir, may I fix my mind on God? Sri Ramakrishna: Repeat God’s name and sing His glories, and now and then visit God’s devotees and holy men. The mind cannot dwell on God if it is immersed day and night in worldliness, in worldly duties and responsibilities; it is most necessary to go… Continue Reading

Accepting Change, by Karen Ann Berg-Raftakis

There’s a music video by Madonna called “Ray of Light” which I’ve always liked.  It features very rapidly changing, flashing pictures of people all over the world going about their everyday lives, “living”, the sequences running so fast that the effect is almost dizzying.  There have been a few instances this past year when similar… Continue Reading

ACIM, LOO, DU, and Thiaoouba

(Article by Larry Seyer, I was asked to explain how I could justify the seemingly apparent paradoxes in “A Course in Miracles”, “The Law of One”, and “The Disappearance of the Universe”. My answer will be based upon the following assumptions: Truth is a constant and does not change. All thinking is judgement and… Continue Reading