What is the Sanctuary?

The Awakening Together Sanctuary is an online Sanctuary provided through PalTalk, a free software service. Our online Sanctuary is accessible by PC, Mac, Tablet or Smart Phone.

The Awakening Together Sanctuary enables our members and friends to join together regardless of where they live. This is a great advantage since most physical churches are based on religious doctrines that do not express the hearts of our members. Through our Sanctuary in PalTalk, we are able to join and associate with like-minded spiritual peers on a regular basis. In this way, we increase our understanding of truth teachings and enhance our willingness to awaken to the direct realization of non-dual presence.

PalTalk provides the ability for us to interact with one another in the following ways:

  • One person at a time may speak into a microphone and everyone else can hear. For example, at our Sanctuary Group meetings one member may read from a spiritual text and then invite others to comment on the reading. A member or guest who wants to comment can click a button to raise his/her hand, and the microphone can be turned over to that person for sharing.
  • At any time members and guests may type on the Sanctuary comment board. They can ask the current speaker a question or express spontaneous inspiration by typing on the comment board.
  • Our members and guests can share briefly with one another without sharing with everyone in the Sanctuary by sending a private message or a private “whisper” on the comment board.