Monthly Satsang

JacquelynMonthly Satsang
On the third Sunday of each Month at 7:30pm ET
with a Special Guest Each Month
hosted by Rev. Jacquelyn Eckert

What is Satsang?

Satsang is gathering in the presence of truth. Since truth is already present with each of us, life itself can be Satsang. However, for most people the presence of truth is covered by the mind’s seemingly endless chatter and the varying emotional experiences that accompany it.

Each month our host, Rev. Jacquelyn Eckert, interviews a different guest who has realized the presence of truth. The purpose of coming to Satsang is to listen, ask questions and discover tips that may help you realize your true nature.

Every Satsang is recorded. You can access the recordings under our Audios menu.
Past guests have included:

Gina Lake
Chris Celine
Ellie Roozdar
Brent Haskell
John Sherman
Tess Hughes
Bob Fergeson
Scott Kiloby
Liz Cronkite
Miranda Macphearson
John Mark Stroud
Jan frazier
Bentinho Massaro
and more …