How to Become a Presenter

Both members and friends (non-members) are invited to be presenters in our online Sanctuary. The purpose of presenting in our Sanctuary is:

~ Share the experience of one’s own spiritual path in order to become more clear or more practiced with that path.

~ Share clarity that has been realized in order to deepen that clarity within one’s self and/or share that clarity with others for whom it may be helpful.

~ Share one’s current and ongoing study of a spiritual teaching.

~ Demonstrate to oneself that he/she can trust his/her own inner wisdom and move through the fear of sharing it in a public forum.

~ Work through a present situation in order to gain clarity regarding a belief, idea or grievance.

~ Facilitate open spiritual discussions or study groups.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If you are interested in becoming a regular presenter in our online Sanctuary:

1. Review our purpose and core values. If you feel your heart and presentations are in harmony with our purpose and values, proceed to the next step. (For more information, review Paths of Awakening and Spiritual Practices.)

2. Check the schedule for an open time slot that suits your schedule. You may apply even if an open time slot is not available. We will keep your application for reference when a new time slot opens up.

3. Contact us with a request to become a regular presenter. Include the time slot(s) that fits your schedule and information about the topic(s) you will present. We would like to know what you will call your program, the program description, whether it is a 30-minute or 60-minute program and how you feel the program fits with Awakening Together’s Purpose and Core Values.