In Contemplation with Kirtana & Timothy

In Contemplation with Kirtana & Timothy

In this audio, Regina Dawn Akers shares a deep contemplation process with members and friends in the Awakening Together Sanctuary using three of Kirtana’s songs.

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After contemplation with Kirtana, the Sanctuary continued contemplation by listening to this Timothy Conway Satsang audio.

Kirtana and Timothy will be retreat leaders along with Magdi at the Awakening Together Satsang Retreat in Santa Barbara, September 12-14, 2014. Timothy will also be a retreat leader along with Regina Dawn Akers and Nyki Dobson at the follow-on ‘Soak in the Beauty’ retreat from September 14-18. Please register for these retreats before August 20. Final head-count is due to the retreat center on August 20. Thank you!


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