IMPORTANT: Awakening Together Sanctuary Has Moved to a New Virtual Location

On Thursday night PalTalk deleted the Awakening Together Sanctuary from PalTalk. There is a technical story behind this, but I won’t go into it. Instead, here is what you need to know:

You will now find Awakening Together in PalTalk under the Religion & Spirituality Category under the Spirituality Rooms. We were unable to reuse the exact same room name as before, so we are now Awakening Together Sanctuary Home.

If you followed the Awakening Together Sanctuary before, that link will not work now. You will need to navigate to the new room and follow it. You can do that by choosing Following, Follow this Room from the menu bar after you are in the new Sanctuary.

If you want to unfollow the old Awakening Together Sanctuary, enter Awakening Together Sanctuary Home and then choose Following, Manage Rooms I Follow from the menu bar. You can select the previous Awakening Together Sanctuary, and then click Remove Selected Room.

We look forward to seeing you in our new Awakening Together Sanctuary Home.

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