I Rest in God, by Chris Celine

So much from God That I can no longer Call myself
A Christian, a Hindu, a Muslim, A Buddhist or a Jew.
The Truth has shared so much of Itself
With me
That I can no longer call myself A Man, a woman, an angel
Or even pure

Love has
Befriended me so completely It has turned to ash
And freed
Of every concept and image
My mind has ever known.

[Hafiz, I Have Learned So Much]

Even though the title of this poem is I Have Learned So Much…. Every Beloved learns so much in the spiritual journey, but at the same time, as you are learning Truth, all of what you thought you knew is falling away. The two can’t coexist. They don’t live together. As we learn the Truth of Love, we unlearn everything from the past because illusion and Truth cannot coexist. It is a glorious place to no longer be able to call yourself a Christian, a Hindu, a Muslim, a Buddhist or a Jew because you are not those things. We’ve used those identities. We are the one child of God. And every beloved who sees themselves as a Christian, a Hindu, a Muslim, a Buddhist or a Jew is the child of God. That’s all that is the reality. The temporary identity has no reality in the Oneness.

Imagine that God would say, “Well, we have different houses from different religions”. No. There’s one Life, one Spirit of Love, one Truth. It’s LOVE. LOVE sees no differences, no separation. And then, to move further to no longer call yourself a man, a woman, an angel or even a pure Soul. The Love of God cannot be identified. And yet, as Love can’t be identified, you are everything. Everything that is of Love you are. Innocent child of God. Innocent of all the past, Innocent of all ideas of separation. Innocent of all thoughts that have been carried.

Imagine…I tried one time to touch into how many, how many judgments I had in this life. Couldn’t even be possible to keep track because every day was a day of judgments. Every day was a day of opinions. Every day was a day of comparisons. Every day was a day of differences. Every day was a day of seeing everyone as separate. And all of it was a day of fear. And all the differences, all the judgments, all the assessments, all the knowing, all the winning, all the being the best, or being the worst have all been used in the name of fear. And none of it was true.

The Grace and the Blessing of seeing with the Heart. It’s worth the journey. No one who opens their heart and feels that Divine Love without judgments, without assessments, without any knowing…is ever disappointed or left wanting! To be able to Love without conditions, to see each Beloved as the Light of God and the innocent child…it is your remembering of God. And it all is the divine healing of judgments and assessments, forgiving all of the judgments and assessments, is your remembering of Truth. Learning to have the compassion to recognize that all the fear from the past was not a sin, but a mistake. None of the past was Reality! And no longer having to try to hide from those mistakes, but to bring them into the Light so they can really be healed.

Your journey is not to seek for Love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers you made against it.

There is such a fear of facing the past. The fear is, “if I pretend that I was innocent and didn’t judge, then I can avoid looking at the judgments”. But, within that concept, nothing heals. Nothing heals because it isn’t brought to the Light. And it is essential that it be brought to the Light.

I cannot see in darkness. Dear God, let the light of Holiness and Truth open my heart and let me see The innocence within.

Because it is essential. To see the innocence within, the child of God within, and to wash clean from the idea of wrongdoing. The mistakes being let go, to be able see and embrace the innocence within. Embrace that God sees nothing except Love. That nothing of what you have thought of your judgments, your assessments, your opinions, which most are held very sacredly. They’re not, but in the belief of defense, beloveds can hold them sacredly, or at least try to hold them that way. But, all the while, the Divine has no capacity to see illusion. God doesn’t see anything that’s going on other than Love. And, that’s why the Holy Spirit is the bridge that can identify the illusion you have believed, and will offer it to you for your healing, then you can surrender it to God and forgive yourself for the false belief. The awareness that Love cannot see illusion has the capacity of such deep healing, because the fear is that you are being judged for the past, for your opinions and judgments.

But God sees none of it. So, the only possible judge is your ego self. You impede your own healing by judging yourself. Why do you judge yourself? You judge yourself because you believe in judgment. You judge first because the ego wants to judge the self before you believe you are judged by God. The fear of God’s judgment will bring you to your own judgment. But, it’s all for nothing because there is no judgment. And Spirit just keeps calling and calling to just come home and rest in God. The invitation to rest in God, why is it not accepted more readily? The judgment…the self-incrimination unconsciously says “I can’t rest in God because I’m not worthy of it. How can I rest in God when I have judgment, and if I rest in God, I will not be in control”.

But, there is no barrier to resting in God. And because the Source of all Life does not see judgment, opinions, assessments, rights and wrongs, (all of the rules that you’re carrying) you can readily rest in God and that resting says “I have done nothing. I can rest in God because God is my Source. I rest in God because God invites me to rest in the Truth. I rest in God because God is my source of comfort. I rest in God because it’s where I belong”.

So, when you’re called to rest in God, it’s a healing. It’s where you heal. You rest in God because all of the judgment and the opinions and the assessments are so painful. And the fear is so painful that when we go and rest in God, it becomes a place of such deep comfort that you have never known before. It is a comfort that is completely natural. But it is not known in this world. So you rest in God. It’s your resting place. Now, if you’re resting in God or you’re resting in the Divine Mother, it’s the same place. It may have a little different vibration, but it’s the same resting place because it’s your recovery place. It is your home.

I’ve always referred to healing as the Divine Hospital. The Divine Hospital is the gift, and it is part of the resting in God. It’s the realization that healing is divinely orchestrated. We don’t orchestrate healing…we accept it, we invite it and we can do our part, which is to choose…that’s our part…to choose Love…to choose to rest in God…to choose to rest with the Divine Mother and all divine beings. But it’s very clear that the resistance to resting with divine beings, with God, is a discomfort of not believing that either you can rest there or that you’re not ready to rest there. But there’s no readiness needed at all. There’s no test to see if you’re ready to see if you’re healed enough to rest in God. Resting in God is…as soon as your heart opens to wanting to remember that you begin by resting in God.

To imagine how it’s possible to rest in God…what I used to see was the Hand of God being a hammock, being the comfort and that as you lay in the hammock, you’re lying in the center of God. And, it isn’t that resting in God is about sleeping or the body, but because everyone is so tired of being in the world agreement and battling, the resting is a way of recognizing “I don’t have to do this anymore. I don’t have to battle anymore. I can give this mind to God, I don’t have to keep a rule book anymore. I don’t have to try to prove I’m right. I don’t have to prove to others that I am more or less. It’s all made up”! Surrender the mind as all that tiredness can be let go through resting in God.

I walk with God in perfect Holiness.

These are not teachings that are meant to make you have more self-esteem. “I walk with God in perfect Holiness”, I now have more self-esteem. There is no self-esteem that is actually any part of healing because the little self…you’re not trying to build a better little self to prove worth. You are coming home to the Truth of your Divine Eternal Holiness.

I walk with God in perfect Holiness.

The teaching isn’t I walk with Fred in perfect holiness. It isn’t, “I walk with a CEO with perfect holiness”. Even though all of those things are factual. Everyone that you walk with, you’re walking with God in perfect Holiness. But the difference is is that it’s the recognition that everyone that you walk with is the expression of God, is the innocent child of God.

If I speak with tongues of men and Angels and have not Love,
Then I am only a sounding gong Or a clanging symbol.
And if I have the gift of prophesy And understand all mysteries And all knowledge,
And if I have all faith so that
I could move mountains,
And have not Love, then
I am nothing.
And if I give all I possess to the poor, And if I give my body to be burned, And have not Loved, then
I am of no use for anything [1 Corinthians 13:1-3]

Everywhere we turn, there is a Divine Truth that is waiting to serve. Everywhere. All day long messages are coming from the Divine affirming “I must love”. And every message is calling you to let go of the judgment and the opinions. To let go of judgment and opinions is like climbing to the top of Mt. Everest in that every step you take up the mountain, you find another judgment. (You walk with all the guidance and support of Truth.) Every step you take up the mountain, you find another opinion, another assessment. Letting them shed away, no longer wanted, no longer needed. Imagine the day without an opinion…it’s just the Glory of God!

There’s a beautiful line that says “is this a thought that God would think”? And it’s there purposefully because it’s so powerful. Is this a thought God would think? Am I thinking with God’s thoughts? And that alone…it is God blessing and bringing Truth so that you have a way home. Everything is for healing. Everything in the spiritual journey is to serve each beloved because you are so loved. When I was walking through the journey, it would stop me so strongly that these teachings were given to me, and not in a narcissistic “me, me, me”, but that they came and found me because God is Love. And the blessings show up because you’re so Loved. It would overwhelm me that these teachings were so perfect. Like they had been written for me. And then I realized, well, they have been written for me. Not me personally, but the me that could receive it with everyone. Only Love.

I hear the voice
Of every creature and plant,
Every world and sun and
Galaxy –
Singing the Beloved’s name! [Hafiz]

I rest in God.

What is this precious laughter and Love
Budding in our hearts?
It is the glorious sound of the soul waking up. [Hafiz]

Your awakening is guaranteed. It’s not a question, it’s not up for debate. It’s guaranteed. When is your only choice. The most powerful element of healing is the surrender of opinions and judgments. They are the gate that either opens to Love or stays closed. Every judgment that we have says, “I need protection. I can’t rest in God yet because I’m still in the battle”. And this is why resting in God becomes so powerful, because resting in God is an antidote…the medicine to judgment because you’re not doing anything, you’re not explaining yourself to God. This does not say “I explain myself to God”. No. I rest in God, because God is not asking anything of you. Your resting is your right, your birthright. It is your home. It is the medicine. It isn’t something you have to earn, it isn’t something that you have to cleanse yourself to be there…purify yourself first in order to meet with God. No. Come and rest in God.

Any time and all times from the moment you’re called to that teaching, to that invitation, it’s yours. It is yours, hook, line and sinker. You have an open door to resting in God. You don’t have to knock on the door. You don’t have to prove your worth to rest in God. You rest in God’s Love, because it is your home.

You’re resting in God as you walk on this earth plane, but you are at peace because you’re not here to prove anything anymore. You’re no longer here to win. You’re no longer here to lose. You’re no longer here to prove anything. You’re no longer here to protect yourself in any way. Most beloveds would say “I don’t protect myself. I don’t have a defense system”. But all the opinions and all the assessments …they are all part of the defense system that holds the belief that you are not safe, that you are not held. And, all of that battleground can now be let go.

There’s nothing actually more exquisite then being able to honestly say” I don’t know” all day long. Not as a joke. Not as a retort of some kind, but in honesty “How could I possibly know”? How can you know what’s going to be next? What is the form going to look like? You have to put the future in the Hands of God because that’s where the future becomes Holy and Blessed and no longer repeats the past. You place the future into the Hands of God because the future is God’s. “I no longer want to hold the future as what I know or what I think it should be”.

And I promise that God’s future is the most perfect present moment you can have. And the future you would make on your own, would still be the past because on your own you can’t make a future without using the past. You can’t. But God’s future…it’s going to be the Holiness of God. When the future is in the Hands of God, it’s all blessings, it’s all learning, it’s all perfect because it’s all orchestrated so that you can learn at the deepest place.

When we speak about the brilliance of Creation and the wisdom that the Holy Spirit holds through God…the wisdom is that everything of your life is perfectly orchestrated by the Holy Spirit to serve you. There’s only Love and care in God’s Infinite Power that everything is orchestrated for you and that the Holy Spirit in wisdom, knows exactly what is most helpful. That’s awareness. That’s the Truth. And you can’t know what is most helpful for yourselves or for others. You can be inspired because the Holy Spirit will inspire. Certainly, there is an understanding of how to serve someone when the Holy Spirit brings that learning. There is wisdom that comes through the Holy Spirit. And, it’s always enough. It’s always perfect and it is never too little, too late. It’s never a stretch. It’s always perfect if the knowing can be let go.

The name of God is my inheritance.

Can you accept that it is your inheritance when you rest in God and you place the future into the Hands of God? It is because the name of God is your inheritance. It is yours. It is not something you have to earn. You are the child of God and that acceptance is the center of peace, the center of harmony.

I am forever an effect of God.

Be the effect of God as God is the Cause of Life. As you accept that you are the effect of God, all of your movement, all of your thoughts, all of your offerings are because, you were made by God, you were created out of LOVE. And, in that declaration “I am an effect of God”, you are declaring that “I am NOT at the effect of the past. I am NOT an effect of the tribe. I am the effect of God. I live as the Light of God”. And, all the beloveds that were part of the tribe and part of the agreements, they are not deserted, they are not rejected. They are Loved through your heart for the very first time since they began to walk on this earth plane. You have that power.

You have the Power of God’s Grace, God’s Love because you are the child of God and you are bringing Love to the tribes on the earth plane. You bring the power of forgiveness to those families, to those tribes where you see their innocence, their perfection, their Light. And you are no longer willing to hold any beloved as tribe members, roles, limitations, the past. Everyone that you walked the past with, you can set them free. You can forgive yourself for the false identities that you held of them, and let them rest in God also. See them as walking with God in perfect Holiness. See them as innocent, and forgive all judgments, all opinions, all assessments and all roles that have been given erroneously.

I am the daughter of the Queen. I’m the daughter of compassion.

That hymn did not come from this mind. This mind would never have written I am the daughter of the Queen, I am the daughter of Compassion. There would have been so much, so much resistance it would never have been brought into manifestation. Blessed Mother offered those words. And it is the Truth of everyone: daughter, son. You’re the daughter of the Queen. You are the son of the Queen. And you bring that Light to everyone from the past. You carry the compassion of the Divine Mother, and you have to learn to live in that compassion to be able to offer that compassion.

You have to receive the compassion of the Divine Mother and receive it into your heart that you are the child of God. To accept it is not arrogance. To accept that you are the daughter, the son of the Queen is humbling. It is a place of humility that says “I am that because God says so. I am that because my Mother says so”. And then, to bring that compassion, that Love of the Divine to everyone that is with you or that you hold in your heart, and all will be blessed by your choice to accept that you are the Light of God, the Light of the Queen.

Those words never have to be spoken. You don’t wear it as a badge. But you offer that Love. And many that you offer the Love to will not necessarily notice in the moment. But their hearts will have the seed planted of True Love. And they will be altered. They will be healed by your offering. And your offering is actually that you are resting in God. This is not hard work. The only part that is a stretch is the leap of faith that you are that, that you are a child of God and that you are here to learn to offer love and to heal from all the judgments and opinions and assessments of the tribe, of the family, and to be free. Free to rest in God.

All gifts are given you.
If your will is not one with God’s,
His gifts are not received. [ACIM WB Lesson 166]

Rest in God and receive the blessings.
God is but Love, and therefore so are you.

You can’t be anything else. You can’t even hold on to any identity as you accept that you are One in God. One with God in Love. And your heart will have an urgency of offering that Love. You won’t be able to hold it. You can’t be Love and not offer it. And as you offer that Love, more Love shows up and you realize that there is an abundance of Love that is beyond the word abundance. It’s like having an expanding flood come through your Heart that has to be shared, has to be offered because it’s Reality. And it will become your nature more and more and more as you rest in God. Resting in God says God’s Will for you is happiness and it is not God’s Will for you to suffer in the spiritual journey. So, as you rest in God, you surrender the difficulty, the perception of difficulty, and you accept the blessings.

I rest in God.

Chris Celine © 2016

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