I Must Love Every Moment, by Chris Celine

I Must Love Every Moment, by Chris Celine

Eternal innocence. The word innocence means different things to different beloveds. Innocence is devoid of struggle. Innocence is devoid of right and wrong, good or bad, light or dark. Innocence is not attached to time and not afraidofdeath. Allofthisisinnocenceinthetruesensethatinyourinnocent Self, all is pure and Holy and has no attachment to the made-up world of levels, degrees and differences. All of that has been made to keep you in fear. The fear comes from the belief in right and wrong and good and bad.

Every time there is a decision made of “I like or don’t like this”…. The way that this shows up, this form, this circumstance, “I like it this way”…you’re hooked. You’re hooked in a false perception that there is a wrong or right way and that you are the decider of that right or wrong way. All that it does, is take you into fear, because once you make the decision that there is a right way, that “this is good and something else isn’t”, you’re on a roller coaster. You have to hold on to what you identified with. You have to be sure that it works out because if it doesn’t, then, somehow you’re responsible and you’re giving it all the meaning that it has. You’ve taken it over. You’re owning it and there can’t be any ownership of a form, and that’s what it’s based on. It looks like this, and if it looks like this, and you think you “know” what it means.

But the only thing that is running at all is the inner intention. The inner intention to either offer Love, or to promote fear or hatred. Those are the only two options. There is no good or bad. The form could be someone standing upside down. It doesn’t matter. How would you know what that’s for and what that means, except the meaning that you give it? And the intention behind being turned upside down…you don’t know. You don’t know what anybody has to walk through for healing, for remembering. And you don’t know what you need to walk through. And that’s where the Love just leads. And if you allow Love to lead, you can be at peace. You can trust the universe instead of trying to make a separate decision of protection and defense.

To really be at peace is to not have any attachment to outcomes, because everything can be used for the remembering of love. And what if you wanted a different outcome and that took away the opportunity for everyone to learn? Learning is directed by the Spirit of Love. And to allow that direction is to be just following, asking and allowing that everything is in perfection. Always in your heart if you allow it to be given for the purpose of learning.

Getting and learning do not know each other. Getting is the belief that there isn’t enough and that you have an outcome (through form) that is going to give you something. Learning receives everything for its Divine Purpose and allows it to unfold, allows it to just reveal itself. And, what will the learning be? It comes with the YES, I am willing, whatever it is. And to realize so deeply that the Spirit of Love, the power of the universe is totally aware of what is most helpful for you. Totally aware of what circumstance, what situations, who…everything is perfectly orchestrated for your learning if you allow it. And, that is the key…to allow, to invite.

Take this life and use it for remembering.

It’s the only purpose. And in all of that surrender, the surrender that we cannot know anyone else’s journey, what they need, what anything should look like. It’s all perfect. And that “I don’t know” is your strongest friend. The “I don’t know” is your ally to Love. Through the “I don’t know, I don’t know how to look at this. I don’t know what it’s for. I don’t know what it means. I don’t know what’s needed, but I’m here. You are saying YES, show me the way”. And in that, that distinction, that joining is your dearest friend because it will open the door for your healing. It will heal you of the erroneous perception that you know.

How can we know? You have lived in a trance and in that trance there’s no Truth, there’s only a made up circumstance that’s ready to be unraveled. And the Light breaks it all apart. Invite the Light. Invite the Light that you are.

In this moment, in the innocence, the innocence that you are, the innocence that you offer, the innocence that glows within you, the innocence of the universe…. In that innocence, affirming that there is only Love. Only Love. To really accept that there is only Love that nothing else is actually in existence. How many times are you going to let your mind have its way to make up a world when the world of innocence and Love is yours, and it is you? To stop the wheel of suffering is God’s Grace. There is nothing in the Power of the universe, the Power of God that has any hint of judgment, of wrath, of revenge. The Truth of Love, the power of the Universe, the power of God can’t even see the illusion that everyone in this world believes is actual fact and reality. It can’t even be seen, because it’s not true, it’s not Love. And, how many hours, how many years, how many lifetimes has everyone spent worried about judgment of being judged? And the fear of being judged only comes from the belief that you have, that judgment is valid, that judgment is righteous somehow. Maybe it’s just a clever entertainment, something to do. And yet, it’s not of God. It doesn’t even exist. And it’s revered as legitimate.

To surrender all judgment. To no longer tolerate it is essential. To no longer tolerate the past and the habits of the past that have been miserable and misery making. To accept “I don’t know”. And then, to find that in the not knowing is the Grace of peace that you never have to try to prove your worth again. That you never will defend yourself again. That you will never have to protect anything or worry about anything because Love is all there is. The True Love, not what the world has made with the name of love, which is possession, ownership, fear, habit, and an avoidance of God. Because, when you meet the Divine within, there will be no room for ownership, possessions…they will mean nothing.

Invite the Divine. It’s where you live. It’s what YOU ARE. It’s meeting your Self with a capital “S.” And when you meet your Self, you meet every Beloved in all innocence. No ownership. No possession. The word “my” disappears. Where do “we” go? We disintegrated into Love. Only Love remains.

In this moment, affirming and willing to affirm day after day after day, moment- to- moment, affirming this universe is all Love. Nothing else exists. I AM that Love. I AM that, ONE with all creation, the YES of the Heart. The Heart is beating strongly because the Heart wants the remembering. The Heart is the center of God. Let it burst. Let it melt. Let it break. Surrendering the Heart into the Truth of Love. There is only one presence here. It is the Life Force of God, which is all Love. And within this Life force, we live and move and breathe as One in union, with no threat from a perceived difference. Only Love.

As we have all walked the journey or are still walking for some, strength and courage are called for because the fear of being without what you know can seem to be a threat. You’ve depended on what you know in all of its pain and suffering for lifetime after lifetime. And now is the time of learning to trust the Power of the universe. The Power that is the true Creator of life and now, rejoin that oneness.


Oh my Father give me strength Give me courage on this road. To be a child of yours on earth And tread the path

The Master showed.
Oh my Mother
Show me Love,
Give me comfort to be aware,
To obey these sacred teachings.
It was your son who showed the way. Oh my Master, your compassion

Can see through this pain.
For it was you who came to earth To release us from these chains. Oh my Father, I’m yours,
Give me comfort to be aware. Send your angels to receive me
In this sacred path of the Son.
Oh my Father and my Mother
Who rule the world of Love,
Send your angels to receive me Through the gateway of pure Love.

Send your angels to receive me through the gateway of pure love.

This is not an asking for something that is over-the-top. This is the Truth, that in the angelic realm, which is just one of the many realms of beings…in the angelic realm and in all realms of Love, every being…will guide you. They will all take your hand and lead you. But, if you think you know, you’re not available, because you can’t know what and how that might occur. It’s just trusting…in all the Love and all its manifestations, all of its benevolence, all of its Grace.

There is a teaching that runs though many paths …that you can’t be a knower and that you’re being called to get into the boat. You’re called to get into the boat so that it can take you down the river and you realize that you’re not in charge of the boat, of the river, the learning. You’re just there to receive and allow that the boat is moving through form, through illusion of form. It’s moving and the more that you can keep giving everything you see into the Hands of God…just everything. Empty yourself into Love.

It’s here, it’s here
The small boat is here.
It’s the love, the light.
This small boat comes
To take us back to Love.
It opens the path to the Divine.
The Blessed Mother is guiding the small boat-allow it. I surrender, I surrender
To the Will of the Divine.
In my Heart, I must remember
I am the kingdom of Love.


The Moon is Also Busy

I bow to God in gratitude
And I find the moon is also busy Doing the same.

I bow to God in great happiness,
And I learn from where the suns
And the children
And my Heart
All borrow their light.

I bow to the Friend in deep reverence
And discover a marvelous secret carried in the air:

This whole Universe is just as blessed
And divinely crazed as I,
And just as lost in this Wonderful Holy Dance.

My dear,
After such a long, long journey, God has made another soul Free!

Now all every teacher wants to do Is open a beautiful tavern
Where this Sacred Wine
Of God’s truth, knowledge and Love Is forever and ever

Freely offered to you.

O bow to God in gratitude.
And some day
You will see how
The moon is also busy doing the same. [Hafiz]


I bow to God…I bow to God in gratitude and find that the moon is…doing the same.

How will you see that the moon is doing the same? It’s by bowing in gratitude. It’s actually cause and effect. As you surrender your heart, your being, your intention, your life. As you give it back to God …in the world of illusion, the surrender to God is held as something fearful. The ego mind says that surrender is losing. That is how it’s held in the world, as when you lose a war you’ve surrendered. But, this is not losing, if you want to call it that. This is coming back to where you actually live. This is your true life.

Why is the word “funeral” used so much in spiritual teachings except for the purpose of making it clear that when you believe in your own autonomy, your own mind, you own suffering, your own death…you are bereft from believing you are not one with God? Bereft from believing you are separate from being the joy and wholeness of the true life. It’s what you believe you are. The self- made “you” has no resemblance to the magnificent being God created. The magnificent being that you truly are, is waiting to be remembered and will continue to wait until you do.

I bow to God in great happiness,
And I learn from where the suns
And the children
And my Heart
All borrow their light.

The mysteries of the universe are so magnificent that it’s all here and waiting for you to join…all here. And how do you possibly join in these Divine mysteries and truths? It is truly through “I don’t know”. Why is it so fearful to admit that you don’t know? What is it that has been convinced that says “I’m not going there? I’m attached to my knowing”. And yet every time a Beloved steps into that “not knowing” and opens their being to that beautiful open space, there is always awareness (at least a glimmer) of Divine Grace. There’s always Love that is directing you and it’s so beautiful. To be in that perfectly beautiful, perfectly peaceful vibration of Love where you truly exist.

Just imagine that you would never have a worry again. That you would not be in angst over what you think you know and decisions that you’re making. It’s all surrendered and everything becomes so clear, so easy, because you’re where you’re supposed to be. You’re where you truly exist in the Light of God. Everyone who has walked this earth as a body has experienced the wrath of the ego that battled from the very beginning of incarnation…struggling, battling, trying to prove, trying to forge out a spot for yourself, whatever. And it’s all perceived as the hard work of trying to prove your worth. It all is a Lie! In the Truth of Love there is absolutely nothing to prove.

YOU ARE worth by nature. You were created as Light and innocence and perfection by God, it is just your natural Self. That’s what you truly are. You are eternal. You are a light-being of Love. None of this…you can’t take any of what was just said and make sense of it with the mind that has nothing but limitation. You can’t imagine the expansion of your being. You can’t imagine the space that your being is actually in. All this beauty, all this Light that you truly are is just right there, just beyond your remembering. It’s being held for you until you’re ready to remember. But, it’s within you. It’s the Eternal Light and meeting it is in the not knowing because through willingness a space opens and you can be shown and offered the way.

I bow to the Friend in deep reverence
And discover a marvelous secret carried in the air:

This whole Universe is just as blessed And divinely crazed as I….

This whole universe is all Love and Love is calling you to join in that Divine dance. But who knows how to enter into the Divine dance unless you allow the guidance to take you. So beautifully will it take you.

… [O]pen a beautiful tavern
Where this Sacred Wine
Of God’s Truth, Knowledge and Love Is forever and ever
Freely offered to you.

It’s being offered all the time, because God wants your happiness. Just your Joy. It’s very simple. Peace and happiness are the same thing. Love, peace and happiness are all the same thing. There’s no worry, there’s no difficulty, there’s no other, there’s no comparisons, there’s no knowing. How can you have a judgment without knowing? You can’t. Depends on you believing that what you know is right and that some other behavior or perception is somehow wrong. And that’s where all the pain is. Because as soon as you believe you have some knowing of somebody, of something about somebody, you’ve separated yourself from Love. You just affirmed “we’re separate. You are that and I am this. I have my idea of me and I have my idea of you”. And that’s what you are holding and that’s where all the pain is. There’s nothing to battle with anybody.

Behavior doesn’t mean anything. Behavior is a cry for Love. That’s all that it is. If it’s seen as something threatening, there’s pain. There’s caution. That’s all painful. But in the Truth of Love, none of that is reality. How can you accept that there are no differences and comparisons in reality when your whole world is built on comparisons and differences? You count on it in order to believe that you are safe and believe that you know. And that means, also, that you’re safe. What is being safe? That’s the strangest thing. Even the idea of safety is made up. It’s always about the body. But, it’s vague. Every time you enter into fear of not being safe, and you have a reaction that says, “Oh! I’m not in enough control. I’m not in enough judgment. I need to be on top of this, whatever it is. Or I need to be cautious about something”, which is still trying to be on top of it. Every time that occurs, it reinforces that there’s something that’s threatening.

But what is it? What is the threat that you’re believing in? It’s vague. It’s always vague. It seems like it’s right here and something is being assaulted within you like your worth, your honor, your way, your idea, whatever. But, it isn’t really that. It’s a vagueness that is behind it. The vagueness is “I’m threatened”, but the threat is like “I’m going to die”, because it’s vague. The ego keeps the vagueness there, so that it seems really ominous.

You get a letter in the mail from the power company and it says “you missed your payment”. If you have a reaction to that of fear, of upset, you’re not only in the past believing that you’re threatened by a letter, but the vagueness of what is the unsafety that the threat…is far beyond the letter that you’re late with your electric bill. The vagueness says you’re in danger of upsetting the applecart of your belief of how things need to be. You are in danger of not being in enough control. You should have known that that date was what it was, and you should have paid that on time.

So you have failed. You have failed by not remembering a date or putting your paperwork aside. What you’re feeling is not aligned with what that power bill says. You believe that this is an actual threat of some kind. You don’t say, “Oh, I’ll check this” (this is a learning). No, it’s a “real” thing, it’s a worry that comes over and the worry says, “you’re not in control. You don’t have things aligned like you should have”. Or you drop into the other side of the illusion and defy the Power Co. as an enemy that you rail against. And, of course, guilt and shame attach. Feel the vagueness of it, because the vagueness is behind it saying, “this really means something”. And, every single time you have a worry or you have a reaction to something that you think is out of line with how things should be, it’s the vagueness that is running the show. The vague fear that you are actually, really in danger.

Now, if you really looked at what you’re believing in, it would fall apart, because the meaning of being late for power bill…is coming from your mind …it has no real anything. Who said you were late? What is the power? What are you attached to? What is it that you believe is happening? Nothing is happening, but you’re attached to this and you feel threatened. You could place it with anything. You could call it anything.

I used to be terrified of the phone ringing that it would be something that I had done wrong somehow. This is a vagueness that runs. It’s an illness that runs all the time, until you’re finally willing to say “this cannot be the Truth of Love. This is not of God. Why am I making these things up? Why do I want to suffer by having a belief in the rules of the world that mean nothing”? God didn’t create those. They’re made up. Does that mean that you don’t pay the power bill? No. But, it isn’t a place of pain. It isn’t a place of worry. It isn’t a place of shame! What if somebody comes to the door and you just got a late notice on your power bill posted on your door?

Do you have the peace and courage to say “I just got a late notice in my power bill. I forgot to pay it”. Can you express that? If you can’t, it’s because you’re really giving it personal meaning. Your delusional belief that you have an image to uphold that is actually keeping you safe. But, it doesn’t. Because you have to keep working it all the time to make sure you feel safe…and, you never do. You never feel safe. You feel righteous sometimes. You feel that you’re getting things in control. You feel like you’re on top of things, but you don’t ever feel safe when you believe that the world is what you have to control…the world that you made. And, this is where the insanity lives! You are trying to control what your mind is projecting and reflecting to you.

It’s all in your mind. If you didn’t want to worry, all you have to do is refuse the illusion outside. Accepting there’s nothing to worry about and give the made up idea to God. If you’re making up what you see, and then you try to control it, you’re trying to double attack your own mind. You have believed the enemy is out there when it’s actually being produced from inside your mind. That’s where the healing is. It can’t be controlled out there. It’s like riding a roller coaster that is insane. You’re never going to be able to control it and you’re never going to feel safe within the world that you keep making and keep projecting out there. It’s the insanity of the belief of separation!

Every time there’s a judgment, you’re in pain. Every time there’s a judgment …fear goes up. Every single time. If you have an assessment or a judgment about anything, it activates your level of concern and worry and alarm. And, your safety is screaming underneath in its vagueness, but it’s not that vague…it’s getting closer…every single time you have a judgment. How is that possible that every time you have a judgment, you’re attacking yourself? It is because you’re separating yourself from God with every judgment. You’re saying, “I know what this means. I know what it’s about. I know what it’s for”. And, you’ve just put God someplace else instead of in the center of your heart where you truly exist with God.

“I don’t know what anything is for. I don’t know how to look at anything. I don’t know what it means”. Why is this so frightening? Because the belief is that you can die. It’s all about being a body, which you are not. You are Divine Spirit. The body is an instrument that’s been used and is called to be used to communicate Love or fear. That’s its only function. Offering Love, expressing Love, communicating Love or fear. And fear…this is the crazy part…fear doesn’t look like fear. You think of fear, you think of being scared viscerally. But fear is arrogance. Fear is pride. Fear is ownership. Fear is the belief in scarcity. Fear is the belief that someone can do something to hurt you.

So, choosing to offer Love or to offer fear. But to realize, trust that you cannot die and you cannot be hurt…you cannot. How is it that you can accept that you can’t die? It’s to accept that you have never lost anyone and nothing that is true has ever died. The Spirit of everything is living. The Spirit of everyone is living and is still totally one with you. Every moment is the moment of learning. It’s an amazing thing to realize that the schoolroom of Love is really here and is yours. But, once you enter that schoolroom of Love, there’s really no turning back because your beliefs are being burned up behind you, unless you’re holding on to them and trying to store them for some purpose. The more that you let go and trust in the Holy universe of God, the happier you will be. That’s where peace comes from. That’s where harmony, joy, everything comes from…the oneness with the universe.

Imagine that there’s 300 billion…you don’t have to imagine this too much…but there’s 300 billion beloveds, and every single one of them is having a thought that is personal and contradictory to everybody else’s. Everybody thinks that they know something and is thinking it and judging others for everything that is already believed, so, there’s just judgment and thinking of separation going on through 300 billion. And this is the chaos that the insanity brings because every single one of those beloveds is in Oneness with all creation. They aren’t separate. Not at all. And, all those separate thoughts are just as insane as every thought of judgment or anything that’s in everybody’s life, making an insane perception of a dangerous world.

What occurs when you run into someone or you meet someone? What is that? It’s a Holy Encounter. It’s a Holy moment of opportunity to offer Love. What are you offering? Are you offering a story about what’s wrong with you or what you’re worried about or what you know? Or are you in the present moment offering Love in whatever way is most helpful in the moment. Are you able to go beyond the self…what about “me” and offer Love /Peace? It’s not self-sacrifice because when you offer Love, you receive Love. So, there’s no sacrifice. But how can you be present for someone and have a story based in your past illusion that has to be about you?

To offer Love is to be at peace. What is the need to give another the fears that are going on in your life or that are believed to be going on in the world? You meet somebody and you say something to them about the imbalance within the world. But, that imbalance of harmony is coming from your mind. The Truth of Love is calling you to offer Truth. Are you willing? You’re there to bless. You’re there to hear what they’re asking for. You’re there in that moment to serve and to bring Love, to bring comfort (Peace), to bring gentleness, to bring kindness because it’s what you are. This isn’t a strain. This is the service of Love, as you offer the kindness that you are, you are expanding the kindness within you.

You are learning the Truth of kindness from within, because you’re not saying whataboutme?Whatareyougivingtome? Anditallworksinthisbeautiful, mysterious way because you start to learn that everyone that you’re paying attention to and offering Love to is you. And you receive that love as deeply as they do because you’re expanding instead of contracting.

What if you get a notice that your insurance is going up and it’s doubling, the temptation of the ego mind is to join in the old familiar, that you’re being unfairly treated within the world. You are upset because you believe you can be unfairly treated. And, the insurance companies are part of the enemy. This is the belief in the world. So, you run into someone and you’re totally locked up in this doubling of your insurance and you run into someone and you may have the presence to say “how are you”? But, really you’re not listening. And, all you can do is wait for an opening so that you can say that your insurance was doubled.

When you are offering that to that beloved who you ran into, you have absolutely no caring about them. You are completely enveloped in “me”. What about me? And it’s a double whammy because you’re believing in an illusion about the insurance that you’re going to be without. You haven’t surrendered it to God. You haven’t rested in I don’t know what this is for. I don’t know how to look at this. I don’t know what it’s about. I have to make sure that this other beloved knows how unfairly the world treats everybody and you should be pitied, so that they stay as far away from God as possible. That’s not the conscious choosing, but that is what is running when all you want to do is talk about how worried you are about something.

That’s not the same thing as being able to say to a beloved “I’ve surrendered this into the Hands of God. I got a notice that my insurance is doubling, but I holding in the faith that I don’t know how this is going to get resolved but it’s going to get resolved because it’s in the Hands of God”. Can you imagine the ministry of your profound offering of Love and faith in that moment by being able to get beyond your personal made up fear and surrender to God and then being able to offer that strength and that faith to another? That’s the grace. It’s honest, it’s not playing a game of “I don’t want to seem desperate or anything”. I’m not trying to protect something about myself. I’m here to offer God’s grace that, yes, I found this out today, but it’s in God’s hands. I’m trusting. I’ve always been taken care of. I will continue to be taken care of. And I don’t know how that will unfold, but, I’m trusting”. And it’s for the purpose of offering your own healing to serve another. Not because it’s your own healing, but because it’s a gift that you just received in coming back to peace, and you’re extending it.

Are you asking the Holy Spirit, “is this helpful for me to speak about? Will this help this beloved?” Because that’s your healing. Your healing is to serve every beloved with Truth, with Love, with alignment. Or this beloved is just talking about how their rent is going up. Do you join with them, “yeah, boy, my rent just went up, too. Yeah, I’m with you”. There’s no Love or honesty there. You’ve just joined in an illusion with someone for the sake of your own ideas, instead of bringing Love, harmony and faith to every beloved.

It’s a calling to be present. To be present in this Holy Moment and not in the past. And to really surrender…as soon as you would find out that your insurance was doubled that you would surrender that immediately into the Hands of God and say “I don’t know how to look at this, but there’s only peace and there’s only Love and there’s only joy and I want to learn to see this differently. I don’t want to see this in fear. There’s nothing to be afraid of. I cannot be hurt. I’m in the Hands of God. I’m totally relying on the Truth of every teaching. I have to. I cannot continue to reject the teachings of Love and play the game of knowing. It’s where the pain and suffering is”.

Can you say to everyone that you have ever known “my heart is a raging volcano of Love for you. My heart is a raging volcano of Love for you”. Because this is the Truth! You may not feel it. You may not like it because the ego is saying “what’s in it for me? I’m the one who’s in suffering here. Why should I have a raging volcano of Love for somebody else when I’m worried about my insurance”? When you are willing to express and extend Love, you’re praying “I’m not giving any power to this insurance thing. This is in Your Hands dear God. There will be an answer that will come. I am trusting in Truth. Help me please dear God, I affirm I’m not willing to spread fear into everyone’s life so that I can feel better because I’ve ‘hot potatoed it’, (tried to get rid of it.) No, I give it to you dear God”. That’s where the healing is, is returning it to God and praying “I don’t understand this. You help me, please. I want to see this differently. I want to see this in Truth. I want to rest. I want peace and I want to learn to Love, because I don’t know how to Love”.

Because there’s no love in competing with someone over how miserable you are. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have and need to have the honesty to be able to say “I’m stuck. I’m stuck in my old beliefs. Bear with me. I’m just stuck. Hold the light with me while I surrender this, because I don’t want to be stuck and it isn’t God’s Will for me to be stuck”. The honesty of being able to express I’m stuck or I’m stuck in fear is…it’s a big difference between saying “I’m stuck in fear” and “I’m afraid”. When you’re saying to someone “I’m really afraid”, you’re really saying “I’m believing in the illusion”. If you’re saying “I’m stuck”, you’re already recognizing that this is not the place that you are needing to be, that you don’t want to be here because it’s not the Truth of you and it’s not the Truth of Reality at all. Fear is not your Reality.

How can I serve everyone within every moment?

Prayer of the Heart. Who is it that you think about that you hold in your heart and carry such a deep prayer to be able to see them for who they truly are? When you have a judgment of someone, it’s an error of thinking, it’s a wrong direction, it’s not helpful, it’s painful. When you have a judgment of someone or a situation, there is an immediate need for correction, for healing. Can you give yourself that space, that permission to want the correction almost immediately after you have the judgment? That you are so not wanting judgment to enter your mind anymore that you are immediately ready to forgive yourself and begin again. And even asking the question, “what was that judgment for? Why was I judging? What did I think that it was going to give me”? And, surrendering that to the Holy Spirit, and then coming back to, “I can’t judge and be in Love and I forgive myself for believing that I could or that it was somehow going to protect me in some way from something”…when there’s nothing to be protected from.

The schoolroom is consistently open, consistently in your life. Learning is going on even when you’re not in a spiritual journey. But in the schoolroom of the ego, it’s learning all the time how to make a better ego, how to protect more deftly, how to be more separate. And, in the schoolroom of Love, it’s a deep learning, to allow yourself to be turned upside down, because everything that you thought you knew was fabricated in illusion. So, when you let yourself be turned upside down, you’re actually being brought into the alignment with Reality. God’s Grace is with you always.

Now, you can pretend that that’s a Hallmark card, and you can have separate lives that you don’t even know that you have. There was a program in the fifties called “I Led Three Lives”, which was about a spy…something like that. How many lives are being led? When you split your life and pretend that you have this life in the world and you have a spiritual life, you’re going to drive yourself crazy, crazier than you already feel, because you can’t serve two masters. You can’t serve them both. And when you try, they don’t gel at all. And, you feel even crazier. So, it’s a loving preservation for peace when you surrender more and more deeply to the spiritual Truth.

And, the other side of that, too, is that when you choose to be split and you have (you think) a separate world over here, everyone that’s in that separate world with you is not having the benefit of your spiritual Truth because you’re keeping it in a separate box . And offering Truth is how you heal. You heal through offering Love. You heal through offering Truth. If there’s a comparison with someone, you’re saying “I’m separate from you and I have to hold you in this image that I’ve made of you that has no reality, but, I have to hold you in that, because it supports my false identity, too”.

Can you walk in this world in Love and still function? Absolutely! It’s actually functioning in a beautiful relationship with everything because you’re transforming while you’re walking in the world. You’re blessing, you’re bringing God’s Grace because the world is longing for Love. Everyone is longing for the Truth of Love, even if they’re not aware of it. But if you’re not consciously wanting to serve that Love, it’s going to be even more painful.

Not because there’s any punishment, but because the hell in the mind is painful.

What keeps anybody up at night? Worry and guilt. They’re strange bedfellows. To invite worry and guilt to sleep with you is upside down to say the least. Why do worry and guilt come into your sleep? Because it’s when you start to be quiet and your mind isn’t as active with distractions, a space opens up and all the guilt of the day comes rushing through and all the worry of all the thoughts that you had of “knowing” are coming to bed with you. They’re repeating to you, “worry about this, worry about this, worry about this”. And, all the judgment that you had during the day is bringing guilt to your sleeping or non-sleeping. Because, when you judge, you have to believe that judgment is real. When you judge, you make it real for you, then you also have to be very concerned…not only are you feeling guilty, but you’re worried about the judgment from the outside, because you believe that judgment is real. And, it’s where all the self-imposed turmoil is.

Do you want to sleep with peace and joy as your fellow sleepers? Because that’s the exchange. When you’re not judging and you’re forgiving yourself for the habit of judging, you’re open to peace and joy. You’re open to the Truth of what you are fully. And you can rest easy because your mind is clear of trying to get something, manipulations, comparisons, judgments. It’s just filled with pain. Let’s say you judge somebody that “looks tired”. What could that mean? Are you concerned for them? Or are you believing that they should get their act together and look better? It’s all the meaning that you’re giving it. If you perceive someone looking tired, it’s a call for Love, and then you are serving them.

If you’re in your own mind saying, “gosh, they haven’t been taking care of themselves. I wouldn’t let myself go out looking like that”. That is going to go to bed with you and be the guilt that you’re carrying, because you didn’t offer Love, you held them in your own version of a false identity. It’s just asking the question. Are you available to ask the question, “What is this for? What do I want to come of this? What do I think I know”? If you worry about someone, you are not trusting in God, you are believing in illusion. If you worry about a relationship, you are not trusting in God and asking for Truth. You have put the relationship before the Truth of Love. I’m looking to get and hold onto something. “I think I know something”. Every single time there is an ego concern, it is the belief of something in your mind that you believe is true that is separate from God. That’s how nitty gritty it gets, because you can’t offer Love and worry at the same time.

The Hallmark card says you can. Hallmark says “absolutely. Let me give you a card that says I’m worried about you”. That’s how much you pretend to love. But, in Truth, you can’t be worried and offer Love. You can’t have a judgment of anyone or anything and be offering Love. You can’t be assessing someone in any way and be offering Love. You just separated yourself from Love by assessing something that’s coming through your own mind. And, your heart, meanwhile, while there’s judgment, your heart is in pain, because it’s being ignored…it’s being shut out. The ego mind is in charge.

There’s a poem by Hafiz that offers:

I don’t want to touch anything in this world
Without recognizing the Truth of my Beloved within it.

That leap of faith, that declaration, was necessary and it’s necessary for everyone to have that in their Heart. To declare in your Heart that you don’t want to see anything of anyone/anything that isn’t the Truth of Love, that you don’t want to touch anything without recognizing the Truth of its oneness with God. That is the purpose of every moment. I must Love. I must Love with all my Heart. I must Love because there’s nothing else I can offer that’s of any value. It doesn’t matter how you have built a reputation in a particular profession or you think that you have an identity in some way that’s different than someone else. Self-made identity has no meaning (other than the meaning you have given to it). It is just a form of temporary illusion. But, you try to protect it, defend it. But, it’s made up!

When the Divine says:
Come naked onto God.

Forget everything and come naked. That nakedness means I have no identity. Not because I’m bereft of an identity, because my true Self is One with God. Divine Spirit of Love. Accept that. And, I have to live it because it’s the Truth. This is the calling. How do you live the Truth? By immersing in Truth. By immersing in sacred teachings that lead you all day long. If you pick a teaching in the morning that you’re going to follow all day.

I could see peace instead of what I’m seeing.

And you follow that all day. All day that Truth is leading you, and you’re counting on that Truth all day. So, there’s no room for drama, there’s no room for “I’m going to tell you what’s wrong in my life”. No, “instead, I could see peace instead of this” is what I’m following. This is God’s gift. “I’m going to offer peace all day. I want to see peace all day because I refuse anything else. This is my spiritual schoolroom”. This is the purpose of this incarnation is just to remember the Truth of what your Divine Self is. Your beauty, your perfection, your Light, your Love, your immense reflection of God. You are the gift of the universe in your true divine nature and there’s nothing that you have to do to earn it, there’s nothing you have to do to convince.

It is the Truth. It is THE Light and this is an offering of “let my own voice be still so that I can hear the Voice of Love. Quiet my mind, so that I can hear the voice of Love”. Let that be your prayer and know that God is in your Heart waiting to be recognized. Only Love. I Must Love. Moment to moment. Only Love.

Chris Celine © 2016

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