I Love Days Like Today, by Rev. David Hemphill

I Love Days Like Today, by Rev. David Hemphill

I love days like today. I have gotten to see so many of my flaws. Five of my major character flaws have come up today, and all of their associated feelings have bombarded me. I have been able to handle them all because today is so kind.

The day has given me life. It has woken me up this morning, it has breathed my breath, and it has beat my heart. I know I can handle anything on days like this. These kind of days support me, and they nourish me.

My character flaws are patterns of behavior and thinking that began when I was a child and that I have carried on into my adult life. They are thoughts that worry about approval, thoughts that are judgements, or thoughts of blame, fear, or anger. These thoughts all come from a time when I thought…

That days didn’t support me. That I had to wake myself up, that I had to breathe, and that I was responsible for pushing on through the day; Thought that I had to make it, and that I had to be strong and persevere. That was never the case. The days support me. They wake me up, breathe me, and they keep coming and going without my agency. They are strong, and they persevere. It’s days like this, like today, that I love.

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