I Don’t Know What is Best, by David Hemphill

I Don’t Know What is Best, by David Hemphill

I don’t know what is best for my life. So how could I know what’s best for anyone else’s?

I’ve had this train of thought for a few weeks now. And I’m really happy to have it because it allows me to love my family no matter what. I’m not in charge of anybody, nor am I the advisor or the judge; I am doing the best that I can and I appreciate that the people around me are doing what they can too.

I’m really not here to pass judgement or make calls. In fact, I think I’m a little arrogant. So, with my own flaws on the plate, I don’t feel like criticizing anybody else. I’m pretty happy to just love my family because they support me and love me. They have to figure out their life just like I have to figure out mine.

On a contrasting note, when I am a teacher I assume the position of life role model. All I can say about this irony, this being the role model while not being perfect, is that I do the best I can.

Sometimes I’m not the best teacher, friend, or person (or co-worker, student, or employee), but I am what I am and these are the lemons that life gives me, and so I make lemonade. Perhaps I follow my gut, or my brain, whichever one I find more convincing, because these are the mediums that I have. But whichever medium I use to manage my life, it never works perfectly every time.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this: If you’re somebody who is not doing perfect right now, then I hear you, and I see you, and I’m in the same boat with you.


David is a 19-year old Sophomore at Oklahoma State University, a student teacher and an Awakening Together Ordained Minister.

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