How You Can Help Awakening Together Get Church Status

Dear Awakening Together Members,

As you know, Awakening Together has applied for church status with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and is currently under review. In the past, another internet organization applied for church status and their request was denied. Their court case is a well-known court case, The Foundation of Human Understanding vs. United States.

In that court case, The Foundation of Human Understanding was turned down for church status because their organization operated as an internet radio broadcast. The court determined that there was no evidence that the listeners of their broadcast had a shared or communal worship experience.

In order to receive church status, we must show that our members associate with each other regularly and participate in shared, communal worship. We feel that our Sanctuary allows association and shared, communal worship because of the interactivity provided through PalTalk.

Here’s How You Can Help

We are now on a short-deadline to respond to an IRS Request for Information. In that response, we need to show whether our members feel that they do or do not associate with one another on a regular basis and whether they feel they do or do not have a shared, communal worship experience through Awakening Together.

Please send an email addressed to the Internal Revenue Service describing your genuine experience with Awakening Together. Do you experience association and shared, communal worship with other members? How long have you been coming into the Sanctuary? Why do you come into the Sanctuary? Is there something about Awakening Together that makes it your church of choice? Describe your experience.

What Needs to be in Your Email

Your email must include your full name, telephone number and mailing address so that the IRS may contact you if they choose to. (Note: The IRS will not respond via email.)

When We Need Your Email By

We must receive your email by Saturday, August 15.

Where to Send Your Email

You may send the email to or send it via Contact.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Regina Dawn Akers, Jacquelyn Eckert & Barbara Deurwaarder

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