How to Awaken Spiritual Insight – A Message for Members of the Gentle Healing Group from Regina Dawn Akers

NTI Ephesians, Chapter 1 says, “Welcome into your heart the Holy Spirit, for He is the Voice within you that knows your truth …”

This is why I ask each of you to journal as we go through Gentle Healing together. Through journaling, you open up for spontaneous spiritual wisdom to come through you and spill out onto the page. If you do not journal, that same spontaneous wisdom will come as spontaneous insight as you contemplate a reading, a video or an audio, but the ego typically covers that insight up as quickly as it can, and the insight is forgotten through ego repression. When we journal, we can review our insights. Reviewing them helps to keep them in conscious awareness.

There are different ways to journal. You can write in a notebook, type on the computer, or speak into a voice recorder. Any of these methods work.

Also, I encourage you to take 1/2 hour in the Awakening Together Sanctuary and ‘teach.’ Teaching is another way to open up to spontaneous unplanned wisdom. Here are my recommendations for teaching:

~ Pick a book that inspires you or one that you feel intuitively would be good for you to go into.

~ Bring the book to your teaching time. Read from the book, but don’t just read from it. Read and then share. In your own words, restate your understanding of the paragraph you just read; relate what you read to circumstances in your life; add additional clarity that came into your mind as you read. It isn’t the reading that awakens insight in you; it is your sharing that awakens insight in you.

Admittedly, the Awakening Together schedule is limited. Some of you might enjoy partnering with another person and sharing a time slot as I do with Jay for the Michael Langford Study Group. I also share a time slot with Nancy Sullivan and Stephan Mead for NTI Discussion. It can be fun and insightful to share a teaching time with a friend.

Click here to learn how to take a teaching time in the Awakening Together Sanctuary.

One friend asked me if she could teach once in Awakening Together but not on a recurring basis. If you feel to teach once, for just a few weeks or for just for few months and there is an open spot on the schedule, that is an option we will joyously consider.

To request a time slot on the Awakening Together schedule, email Ken at

~ ~ ~

Note: If Awakening Together doesn’t have a time slot that fits your schedule and you feel the prompt to teach in order to strengthen clarity within you, consider the ACIM Gather PalTalk room as a second option. Click here to see their program schedule. You can contact ACIM Gather using the Contact form on their website.


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