Helpful Self-Talk, by Rev. Regina Dawn Akers

Helpful Self-Talk, by Rev. Regina Dawn Akers

In my teachings, I have shared many times that I used “helpful self-talk” in order to move through the purification process and allow healing to occur. I call this self-talk process, “active resting from the mind.” In other words, I didn’t want to listen to or believe the wrong mind, but often the emotions were intense and the mind was promising that it knew the answer. It was easy to slip into listening to and believing the mind. So, I needed an active way of resting from the mind. Self-talk was that active way of resting.

Recently someone asked me to share some of the self-talk that I used when going through purification. Here are some of the self-talk messages that I remember using frequently:


This story in the mind is the cause of my upset. I can let go of listening to this story.

This is coming up now because I want healing. I will stay out of the way and let this feeling/belief arise so it can be healed.

I want truth/awakening more than I want to take control.

This too shall pass.

If I wait and do nothing, this will pass and clarity/willingness will return.

If I act on this fear/guilt/unworthiness, I will only reinforce it. I do not want to reinforce it, so I will not do what mind is telling me to do.

In my defenselessness my safety lies.

If I defend myself, I am defending a false self as if it is me. I want to realize my true Self, so I will not prop up this false self with defense.

If I cling to this personal value, I cling to the personal self. I want to be free of the personal self and know truth, so I will not cling to this value.

If I believe these thoughts I cling to attack/fear/guilt/hate/unworthiness/worry. I do not want to cling to that, so I will let go of these thoughts.

I believe I am guilty but the Holy Spirit says I am innocent. I choose to trust the Holy Spirit more than me.

I believe that fear will kill me, but fear will not kill me. It is just energy in the body. I can watch this energy without interfering, and I will be safe.

I want awakening more than I want safety/to be liked/things my way.

I am willing to let everyone abandon me if that is to happen. Awakening is my priority.

I am willing to let everyone believe false stories about me/misunderstand me if that is how it is going to be. Awakening is my priority.

I want to follow intuition more than I want what I think I want.

Surrendering to this moment as it is, is the highest form of devotion.

Let it be.

Be quiet and be undone.


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