Gentle Healing Group with Regina Dawn Akers – 2-7-17

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Regina Dawn Akers guides a group of committed students who would like to make consistent, gentle progress toward genuine peace, joy and love. This group meets weekly and all members are committed to specific assignments and practices between group meetings. Everyone who is willing to make a commitment to healing/awakening is invited to join this group.

Rev. Karen Worth Facilitated the group tonight

From tonight’s sharing:

Karen read from this post from Regina, it is in this folder right after this post.

“Helpful Notes from Regina’s Gentle Healing Journal – Week 4”


Homework Assignment A: Workbook lessons 29-35.

Homework Assignment B: Read NTI Colossians, p. 355-362.

Homework Assignment C: Nondual Awakening Meditation – Who am I? by Gary Weber, which is a video in the Gentle Healing Playlist.

Note: There is also a meditation called “Where am I?” That is not this week’s assignment.

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