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About the Retreat:
In the World but Not of It:
Awakening Christ Consciousness

with Gina Lake

This retreat with Gina Lake is an opportunity to immerse yourself in Christ Consciousness and to discover who you really are and how to live as Jesus taught long ago. We will invite Jesus and other Ascended Masters to be present and provide whatever is needed for those who have gathered, including a direct transmission of the Ascended Masters’ love and light and channeled words of comfort and wisdom. We will be examining the nature of the clouds that obscure the blue sky of Pure Awareness, how to clear those clouds, and how to live from a place of clarity, peace, and love. You will have opportunities each day to ask questions and work with Gina around any issues that may be blocking your freedom, love, and peace. Talks, dialogues, guided meditation, music, and inquiry will be used to break through to a new level of being.

You will learn:

  • The secret to peace, love, and happiness,
  • How your egoic mind creates and maintains the illusion of the false self,
  • How to clear negativity,
  • How to work with difficult emotions,
  • How to tell when you are identified with the ego,
  • How to disidentify from the ego,
  • Techniques for becoming present and staying in Presence,
  • Spiritual practices, including meditation, inquiry, and prayer, that support Presence,
  • How to embody the divine self in the world, and
  • What awakening and enlightenment are.

From the Introduction by Jesus to In the World but Not of It: “What I have come to teach now is that you can embody love, as I did. You can become Christ within this human life and learn to embody all that is good within you. I came to show you the beauty of your own soul and what is possible as a human. I came to show you that it is possible to be both human and divine, to be love incarnate. You are equally both. You walk with one foot in the world of form and another in the Formless.”

“The consciousness that is within me is also within you. You are the son as equally as I am. You are the ‘I am’ I spoke about. You and I are one. You and everyone else are one. Many are ready for the Christ within to come forward and manifest in the world more fully. The birthing of this Christ—of Christ Consciousness—is the true second coming. ‘Christ Consciousness,’ as I am using it, points to the divinity within everyone and the potential for that divinity to become a living reality, to become what lives you. I was an example of that possibility in my lifetime two thousand years ago.”

 About Gina Lake

Gina Lake is the author of numerous books about awakening to one’s true nature. She is also a gifted intuitive and channel with a master’s degree in counseling psychology and over twenty-five years’ experience supporting people in their spiritual growth. The focus of Gina’s writing and teaching is on helping people be in the present moment and live the happy and fulfilled life that is possible and on shedding light on the ego and other programming that interferes with that. Her teachings are most similar to Eckhart Tolle’s, Byron Katie’s, Adyashanti’s, and A Course in Miracles. Her books have been received in the same way that Helen Shucman received A Course in Miracles.

On a more personal note, here is Gina’s story:

In 1986, I realized I could pose a question mentally and get an answer mentally. Three years later, a very beneficial relationship with a wise nonphysical being began. This being was my inner teacher, mentor, and healer and behind my books up until 2012, when an important shift happened.

Throughout most of the 90s, while living in the San Francisco Bay Area, I was a writer, a metaphysical teacher, an astrological counselor, and a serious spiritual seeker. I spent much of my time meditating, doing inner work, and writing. However, although I experienced deep peace in meditation, as soon as meditation was over, I was back into my ego, with all its stories, problems, and issues.

In 1998, that changed as a result of meeting Adyashanti, a teacher in both the Zen and Advaita tradition. With only a few words, he cut through some key misunderstandings I had as a spiritual seeker. Six weeks later, during an intensive, while asking the classic inquiry question, “Who am I?” I had a spiritual awakening, which I define as a permanent identity shift from the ego to the true self. It was then that I deeply realized that I was that which I had experienced so often in my quiet moments. The “I” that I had thought myself to be was gone, left behind, like a pile of clothes on the floor, like an abandoned costume. My identity seemed to have popped out of being “me” and entered into Presence, or Beingness, or what I often call Essence. Following this shift, my egoic mind stopped for five days. To my surprise, I was able to function normally without it. Eventually it came back, but not as before, and I was filled with joy and peace for a honeymoon period of about a year.

Following that, for five years, I had no drive to teach or write or even channel (I didn’t have any questions!). Eventually my consciousness deepened, and I began to embody Essence more fully, as chunks of conditioning fell away slowly, one by one.

In 2004, I began writing again, and between 2004 and 2012 I wrote many books about living in the moment. At the end of that period I experienced a health crisis that forced me to slow down, and this led, I believe, to a deepening spiritually that occurred in 2012. At that time, I began to have numerous inner experiences of Mother Mary, Jesus, and a circle of other Ascended Masters appearing to me, in my mind’s eye, and speaking to me in words that I could clearly hear in my mind. The reason they gave me for appearing at that time is that I had reached a point in my growth and in my life when I would be working more closely with them. Specifically, they wanted to dictate books to me and give other teachings orally that would be helpful to those I currently touch through my work.

Here are a few of the inner experiences I had in 2013 with Mother Mary and Jesus, which I recorded in my spiritual log:

Jesus’s face materialized, just for a few seconds, and he began to talk with me. I saw this in my mind’s eye and I heard his words inside my head. He said that he and the others (various Ascended Masters) have always been behind my work and to know and trust that it was such a transmission and that I was meant to be a channel of their words in the world and that I’d prepared for this role for eons. He said they are healing the world through my words and the words of others and that words are especially powerful today because they can reach so many people. He said to trust that what I had written and would write would be very helpful to people. When he spoke, I could feel how huge Jesus is as a spiritual being. He is one of the main guardians of this planet. He has explained to me that he is available to all who are devoted to him and to anyone who calls upon him.

On another occasion, I felt and saw in my mind’s eye a circle of beings around me who were Ascended Masters. They looked like a circle of light-beings. Although they were indistinct figures, a sense of sacredness and holiness permeated the gathering. They were conveying intuitively to me a sense of celebration, like a birthday. There was a flame above each of their heads and above mine, as I stood in the center of the circle. The scene looked a little like a birthday cake, and I wondered if the candles on birthday cakes symbolized a new birth or new phase, as this seemed to. Then they conveyed: “You are one of us now.” After a few moments, they began to leave, one by one, and only one remained. It was Jesus. He said, “Welcome, my beloved child,” and held out his arms. “You are part of this circle now. You have arrived at your destination. We will always be with you. You will receive training soon.” It was explained to me that the training that Jesus was speaking about was in being an instrument and transmitter of his teachings and of his energy and that this training would happen while I was asleep and at other times.

Since 2012, I’ve written four books by Jesus: In the World but Not of It, A Heroic Life, All Grace, and The Jesus Trilogy and I’ve created one channeled audiobook: Jesus Speaking: On Falling in Love with Life.

Link to Gina’s website: http://www.radicalhappiness.com

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