Apply For An Event Scholarship


~ IMPORTANT NOTES TO APPLICANT – Please Read Carefully ~

* The Event Scholarship Subcommittee will receive and consider equally all event scholarship applications submitted to the subcommittee in a timely manner (by the stated date for that event on the Event Scholarships Page). Once you submit the application you will receive an email acknowledging your submission.  Detailed instructions follow these notes. For any questions, email ScholarshipEmail and Jay McCormick, Scholarship Subcommittee Chair, will get right back with you.  If you wish to receive a paper copy of the application, just email that request to the scholarships email, and we’ll send one right away.

*  An applicant will seldom be awarded a full scholarship, but it is not out of the question. As mentioned on the initial scholarship page, we typically require an awardee to pay the deposit, or possibly more. If your case requires a full waiver of the deposit, this may be possible but the applicant should be aware that for this to occur, substantial justification will be needed. Please indicate these needs in the large box provided for you explain why you desire the scholarship.

*  IMPORTANT – If the deposit is not waived, the awardee is required to register and pay the deposit within 10 days of being notified of an award, or the awarded benefits will be forfeited. – or – If the deposit is waived, the awardee must register for the event within 10 days of being notified of the scholarship, or the scholarship will be forfeited.

*  No travel expenses will be paid for any scholarship. The applicant is responsible for their own transport to and from the event.

*  In evaluating who will receive a scholarship, all other needs being equal, the Scholarship Subcommittee will give priority to those applicants who have not received scholarship assistance within the last 2 years.


Step 1:  Click this link to open the EVENT SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION.

Step 2: Move your mouse to the lower right side of the form, and a toolbar will appear on the lower right (displayed in the pic below).  Click the disc icon as shown in red. A ‘Save As’ screen will appear, and save the PDF form to a location on your computer that you’ll remember.  See this screen shot:


Step 3:  Double-click on ‘My Computer’ if your on a windows-based computer, or go to Finder if your using an apple computer.  Browse to the folder you saved the PDF file.

Step 4:  To complete this form on your computer, you’ll need the Adobe PDF Viewer.  First, double-click the PDF file you just saved. Adobe PDF Viewer should open with the form.  NOTE: If Adobe viewer does not open, then that means your computer does NOT have the viewer.  You have two choices:  you can either download it and install the Adobe viewer software at: THIS DOWNLOAD LINK, ~ or ~ email us at ScholarshipEmailrequesting a physical copy of the application be mailed to you via US Postal Service.  We will mail a blank paper copy of the application and a return envelope, to whatever address you give us.

Step 5:  If you have successfully opened the PDF File on your computer, fill out the form completely until the bottom of page two (page three is for subcommittee use only) you will notice three buttons on the form itself: Save, Print, and Submit Application.  See this screen shot:


Step 6:  Click ‘Save’ to save the completed application on your computer.

Step 7:  Click ‘Print’ to create a hard copy of the application for your records.

Step 8:  Click the ‘Submit Application’ button.  The pop-up will appear as pictured in the below screen shot.  If you have an email client installed (like Outlook), just click ‘continue’ and a properly addressed and formatted email will appear, ready for you to send the application.  The PDF File itself will be automatically attached to the email.  Simply CLICK SEND and your process is complete.  If you do not have an email client (like outlook) on your computer, and you use only webmail – like yahoo or google, etc. go to step 9. Send Email screen shot here:


Step 9:  Click the ‘Use Webmail’ radio button on the form, and a drop down list will appear.  See the screen shot below.  When you choose a webmail service, you will be prompted to enter your email address, then to authorize access.  If successful, a message will be created in the drafts folder of the account you specified.  Go to that webmail account (yahoo, google, whatever you used) and go to your drafts folder, open the new email, and click ‘send’.  NOTE: Your PDF application has already been attached to that email.  You application at that time will be submitted!  IF AN ERROR OCCURS for any reason, simply go to Step 10 and manually send the application per the directions.   Send via Webmail dialog box is displayed here:


Step 10: (Optional manual send by email process) Create an email and attach your saved PDF Scholarship Application as an attachment.  Send “TO” the indicated email address below, and make the “SUBJECT” exactly as it is written here:



At this point, your application process is complete.  If you correctly placed “NEW EVENT SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION” in the subject line, you’ll receive an immediate auto-reply email indicating we have received your application.  If not, it may be up to a day before we send you an acknowledgement email.


Thanks for your interest in this Awakening-Together Event.

You’ll be hearing from us!  Again, if you have any questions email the address at the beginning of this page, and I’ll get right back to you.

Love and Peace,

Jay McCormick -Event Scholarship Subcommittee Chair