Election Results and Next Steps

The Awakening Together Member Board of Trustees Election ended on midnight Monday night, July 6. I have the results of the voting. The voting was very, very close. In most cases, only one vote separated one nominee from the other. More than 10% of members voted. The total spread of votes between the nominee receiving the most votes to the nominee receiving the least votes was only 7 votes difference. Since there were five nominees, this difference shows an extremely close election. I am not surprised at how close the voting was, because each of the nominees would be an excellent Trustee.

Let me share a paragraph from our Bylaws with you regarding Member Board Elections:

“Ballots will be sent at least thirty days prior to the regular or special election meeting. The Awakening Together Assembly shall provide a forum for candidates who wish to address the membership regarding their qualifications for office. Details regarding the time, place and manner of such forum shall be provided with the ballot. Each member shall cast one vote per candidate, and may vote for as many candidates as the number of candidates to be elected to the board and return the ballot via electronic mail to the Secretary. Voting shall close fourteen days prior to the regular or special election meeting. The candidate receiving the highest number of votes up to the number of Trustees to be elected shall be eligible to serve on the board. Results of the election shall be published to the current Member Board at the election meeting and provided to the membership immediately thereafter.

According to our bylaws, the vote becomes official at an election meeting that is held two weeks after the close of the vote. That meeting will be held on Monday, July 20. Immediately after that meeting, I will be able to notify you of the results of the vote.

Thank you very much for participating by voting.

With great love and appreciation,

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