Don’t forget these exciting programs in the Sanctuary this weekend

DanielShaiJoin us this Saturday evening from 8 – 10 PM EST for a special presentation – The Headless Way with Daniel Shai

A great help as the world goes through its awakening, is having all the messages of the great sages become de-mystified and experienced first-hand. Picking up and elaborating on the breakthrough first presented to the world by Douglas Harding decades ago, Daniel Shai powerfully introduces us to our True Self

Satsang with John Sherman – this Sunday at 7:30 PM

john shermanLike everyone, John spent most of his life unconsciously searching for the one perfect path out of the wilderness of human life; the one perfect idea, the one perfect thing to think, to understand, to want, to have, to believe, to become that would bring him salvation and satisfaction. The course of John’s search was extreme compared to most, but the result was the same: nothing worked, nothing ever does. Join us to hear John’s journey and his teachings.


Bruce Rawles Special Mini-Series – Not No: Turning up the volume on our Inner KinBruceRawlesdness Teacher’s Gentle Mindfulness – Sunday 9:00 PM

Join us for a three week miniseries with Bruce Rawles

Bruce Rawles has sought the rhyme and reason of life’s mysteries, both seen and unseen, from an early age. His “networker” mother continues to delve into metaphysical and esoteric realms sharing her love of “inner spaces”, and his pragmatic father, sharing his love of the outdoors, provided an opportunity to appreciate the natural world. Within this context, Bruce’s life continues to be a quest for the synthesis of “heart” and “head” approaches, the integration of alternative and mainstream paradigms; and the reconciliation of the sacred with commonplace.

This special Miniseries are supported by listeners who feel guided to donate to the speaker through a special donation button.

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