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At this point we really do not know exactly what type of property we will end up with, but we are watching large homes with acreage in the $200,000 to $500,000 range. We also watch ‘land only’ properties. If you like to watch properties, join us in our visioning process by checking this page from time-to-time. Also, help us raise funds by donating now!

For your convenience, new listings will be listed at the top under each of the following sub-headings.


deserthouseOn the High Desert Prairie:

~ Vacant, lots of space, 4 bedrooms, 35 acres
~ Inexpensive, where the desert meets the foothills with views of the Spanish Peaks, 35 acres

foothillshouseIn the Foothills:

~ 7 bedrooms, walking trails, picnic pavilion, 35 acres

mountainshouseIn the Mountains:

~ 8 bedroom, beautiful lot, looks like it wants to be a retreat house, 35 acres
~ Inexpensive, 5 bedrooms, wrap-around deck, 5 acres
~ Mountain valley home with country style porches, 4 bedrooms, 7.8 acres
~ Exquisite home in the mountain valley, 4 bedrooms & lots of extra space, 6 acres
~ Secluded in nature with lots of space, two master bedrooms, 39.5 acres
One more: ~ Located on a plateau overlooking the mountains, lovingly remodeled, 7.5 acres

landonlyLand Only:

~ One area we are really interested in is the Spanish Peaks Region in Southern Colorado. Although this area is further from Pueblo and the Colorado Springs airport, it is a mystical area that is worth the drive. Regina calls it the “Arunachala of Southern Colorado.”

Of course, we realize our property may not be on the market yet or its specifications may be different than the ones listed above. We trust we will be guided to the right property at the right time. If you know about a property you think we should know about, let us know.

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