Developing Trust Interview – Dr Sorah and Larry Dubitsky

Developing Trust Interview – Dr Sorah and Larry Dubitsky

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Sorah and Larry Dubitsky Bio information.

Sorah and Larry Dubitsky met at a Course in Miracles group, in 1981, when Larry read Sorah’s tarot cards. He told her she was going through a divorce, even though he never met her before. They began dating a few months later. Larry is 22 years older than Sorah. When Larry met Sorah’s mother, she told him that he was much too old for her. To which he replied, you’re right. What do you think I should do? They married about a year later. They vowed to have a holy relationship.  Larry had begun studying the Course in 1979. He became a respected teacher in Long Island NY. Sorah was one of his students.  They have taught many classes and workshops over the years both as a team and singly.  Larry is an educator and artist. You can see his work on Facebook. At 91, he is still sharing insights about A Course in Miracles, both in local groups in Beaverton where they live and online for Awakening Together radio. Sorah has a doctorate in psychology. She is still teaching the Psychology of Sexual Behavior online for Florida International University, a course she has been teaching for 10 years.

Sorah and Larry’s greatest joy is sharing the miraculous journey they have been on with A Course in Miracles as their guide. They continue to have a holy relationship.




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