Common Ground Mini-Series -The Awakeness That Is Always Already Here – Nirmala

Common Ground Mini-Series -The Awakeness That Is Always Already Here – Nirmala

Join us in the online Awakening Together Sanctuary this Sunday Evening at 9pm ET/6pm Pacific for Common Ground, our Guest Teacher Mini-Series.  Our newest Mini-Series presenter is Nirmala. Nirmala will be here, September 25, October 2, 9 and 16.  Please join us!!

Awakening is simply a sudden expansion or increase in awareness. When this expansion is especially large, profound, and transformative, we call that a spiritual awakening. While there is nothing we can do directly to cause a pronounced awakening, all spiritual practices and teachings are designed to make us more available for when Grace touches us and opens our awareness profoundly.

A very direct way to be more available for a sudden expansion or awakening is to become intensely curious about the awareness or awakeness that is always already here. Just as a single drop of water is still liquid, transparent and wet, the awakeness that is present in this and every moment has all of the fundamental qualities of our true nature. Awakeness is always spacious, alive, discriminating, loving–and aware. In this mini-series, we will explore these fundamental qualities of awakeness and discover how they operate in our lives before, during and after any spiritual awakening we may experience.

By paying attention to the mysterious and miraculous awakeness that is always here, we can start to notice the many openings and expansions of awareness that occur in our daily experience. Then if a large opening happens, we will be available and present for it. As one of my teachers put it, “You never know when Grace will come for a visit, but it’s a good idea to be home when she does!”

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Nirmala’s mini-series is offered on Sundays from September 25 – October 16 at 9pm ET. Since Nirmala is offering a 4-week mini-series, the total one-time suggested donation is $8-$40. Thank you for your generosity.

Options for listening to Nirmala

The Awakening Together Online Sanctuary can be accessed using information from this page.  You can listen in the Paltalk room, from our online listening link, or via recordings on our website.



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