True Meditation – July 2017

This class is 3 weeks long.

What would happen if you were to allow everything to be exactly as it is? If you gave up the need for control, and instead embraced the whole of your experience in each moment that arose? In the 14 years that he studied Zen, Adyashanti found that most seasoned meditators had used the practice as “an end instead of a means to an end.” What he ultimately realized was that only when you let go of all techniques – even the concept of yourself as a meditator – will you open to the art of True Meditation, dwelling in the natural state.

In this class participants will:

1.   Observe his/her attempts at control within his/her environment and experience, and practice releasing control through letting all things be as they are.

2.   Experiment with meditation and inquiry to discover what results in flashes of realization for him/her.

3.   Look at the difference between the personality and the Self, and realize what blocks him/her from having a fully harmonious relationship with the personality.

Class Schedule:

~ On Thursday evenings, July 13 – July 27 from 7:30-9:30pm ET (4:30-6:30pm PT). Homework begins July 7. Facilitator: Rev. Helen Avery.

Specific Information:
Cost is $60.
Textbook needed is True Meditation by Adyashanti.
Class is offered in PalTalk. Familiarity with PalTalk is helpful.
Registration closes on July 5.
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