Awakening Together Ordained Ministers’ Bookstore

Awakening Together Ordained Ministers may purchase MPP Facilitator Guides for their own personal use or as part of an agreement to offer an MPP class at another location in accordance with the Classes Policy. Facilitator Guides that are purchased for either reason shall be handled as proprietary information. Ministers are not permitted to duplicate facilitator guides, put them online or share them in any other way with any individual. They are solely for the use of the purchasing minister. (Facilitator Guides that are offered freely are listed below.)

Important Note: Only Awakening Together Ordained Ministers may order MPP Facilitator Guides.

MPP Ministers’ Bookstore

Each of the following Facilitator Guides are free to Awakening Together Ordained Ministers and can be requested by contacting us.

  • The Teachings of Inner Ramana
  • The Teachings of Nisargadatta
  • Understanding Purification
  • True Meditation