Introduction to A Course In Miracles

A-Course-in-MiraclesThis class is 6 weeks long.

A Course in Miracles is a complete self-study spiritual thought system. As a three-volume curriculum consisting of a Text, Workbook for Students, and Manual for Teachers, it teaches that the way to universal love and peace—or remembering God—is by undoing guilt through forgiving others. The Course thus focuses on the healing of relationships and making them holy. A Course in Miracles also emphasizes that it is but one version of the universal curriculum, of which there are “many thousands.” Consequently, even though the language of the Course is that of traditional Christianity, it is a universal spiritual teaching.

In this class you will:

1. The participant will become familiar with main themes taught in A Course in Miracles.

2. The participant will apply the teachings of A Course in Miracles to the everyday circumstances that arise in his/her daily life.

3. The participant will practice the first forty-two lessons of A Course in Miracles Workbook for Students.

Two Classes to Choose From:

~ On Tuesday mornings, March 21-April 25, 2017 from 11:30am-1:30pm ET. Homework begins March 15. Facilitator: Rev. Helen Avery.

~On Wednesday evenings, March 22-April 26, 2016 from 9:30pm – 11:30pm ET. Homework begins March 16. Facilitator: Rev. Gloria Wells

Specific Information:
Cost is $120.
Textbook needed is Living A Course in Miracles by Jon Mundy.
Class is offered in PalTalk. Familiarity with PalTalk is helpful.
Registration closes on March 15.
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