Check Out These Inspiring Programs this Weekend

Jim White this Saturday at 8 PM ET in the Sanctuary. 

I beJimWhitegan studying ACIM in 2001 and I’ve been an ardent student ever since. ACIM has shown me a totally different way of thinking about and dealing with life that really works. And, the way it teaches and talks about God has allowed me to more powerfully experience God’s presence, power and guidance in my life on a daily basis.

Love Communications Ministries – Our mission at LC Ministries is to assist in sharing the “Good News” of ACIM around the world, thereby accelerating the manifestation of its world-changing benefits! Put simply, our mission is to make ACIM a “household word” (like the Bible, Quran, Bhagavad-Gita and other Holy Books)

ReginaAwakening Together Weekly Gathering

Once again this Sunday, Reverend Regina Dawn Akers officiates our Weekly Gathering.  The Gathering is at 10:15 – 11:30 AM ET in the Awakening Together Sanctuary.

Regina’s Topic: Ego Preserves Itself By Misplacing Spiritual Teachings

When Michael Langford was a young seeker, he went to see spiritual teacher, Vernon Howard. He asked Vernon Howard if the purpose of his teachings was to end the ego. Vernon Howard answered, “Yes.” He also asked if Vernon’s teachings could be used to preserve the ego. Vernon Howard answered, “Yes, and you all do it.” This Sunday Rev. Regina Dawn Akers will discuss some of the ways spiritual teachings that are intended to help end the ego actually preserve the ego.

Reading: Rev. Sandy Ruiz will read “Misplacing the Teachings” by Michael Langford.

Sunday Evening Satsang with Ellie Roozdar – 7:30 PM ET

Ellie Roozdar is an awakened teacher that RiEllie Roozdarck Archer, host of Buddha at the Gas Pump, has called “a finisher.” In other words, she joins with those who are ready for awakening and helps them to awaken. When we listen to Ellie without defenses, her clarity penetrates.

Rev. Regina Dawn Akers interviewed Ellie Roozdar live on Wednesday afternoon in the Awakening Together Sanctuary. We will play that audio in the Sanctuary on Sunday night, May 15 at 7:30pm ET. Please join us for this amazing conversation.

Common Ground: Guest Mini-Series – Gina Lake – BUSTING THE ILLUSION

GinaLakeSunday at 9 PM ET in the Awakening Together Sanctuary join Gina Lake in this 8-week class. You will learn how to free yourself from the false self and its negative and limiting beliefs. You will see clearly how the egoic mind, which creates the false self, operates and draws you into its illusory, virtual reality and how all suffering is created by believing the lies in the egoic thought-stream. More importantly, you will discover what you can do about it—how you can detach from the egoic mind and align, instead, with your true self. You will see how living in alignment with the true self is not only more creative, wise, peaceful, and loving, but also safe and provides for all your needs. This course is essentially about how to move out of the egoic mind and live from a deeper place, which is accessed in the present moment.

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