Changes to the Board of Directors & a new Awakening Together Vice President

Hi Everyone,

I am very happy to announce some changes that were made to Awakening Together leadership at our last Board of Director’s Meeting on May 11, 2014.


H. David Fishman, who has served as our Vice President-Minister since the founding of Awakening Together, was promoted to Board of Directors. David was originally on the Board of Directors for Foundation for the Holy Spirit, and it is an honor to have him serve on our Board again. David is an Awakening Together ordained minster and the founder of ACIM Gather, which became Awakening Together Sanctuary on January 1, 2014.


Jacquelyn Eckert is the new Vice President of Awakening Together. She is an Awakening Together Licensed Minster and is currently a participant in the Awakening Together Minister Preparation Program. She is expected to be ordained in June 2015. Jacquelyn was one of the original team members who reorganized Foundation for the Holy Spirit into Awakening Together. She has served as our legal counsel since the very beginning. She agreed to serve on the Board of Directors as Secretary until recently when she generously accepted the more involved position of Vice President. As Vice President, Jacquelyn serves on the Member Board of Trustees and works closely with the President-Minister.


Barbara Deurwaarder was nominated to the Board of Directors by the Member Board of Trustees and elected to be Secretary of the Board of Directors by the Board of Directors. She is one of Awakening Together’s charter members, a Licensed Minster, the Sanctuary Administrator during our weekly gatherings and a regular speaker in the Sanctuary.

Please join me in welcoming David, Jacquelyn and Barbara to their new positions.

More Additions to Leadership Coming Our Way!

Within the next few weeks we will begin the process to elect three new people to the Member Board of Trustees. All members are invited to be a part of the nomination and election process. Learn more at the upcoming Member Meeting, 8pm ET on Sunday, June 1. Also, watch your email for more information.

Learn more about the Member Board of Trustees

Learn more about the Board of Directors

Love, Regina

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