Cate Grieves – Awakening Together Satsang – 12-18-16

Cate Grieves – Awakening Together Satsang – 12-18-16

Reverend Jacquelyn Eckert interviewed this month’s guest, Cate Grieves. Cate has facilitated study groups, online study groups, workshops and recently presented at the Australian ACIM Conference. Cate has four YouTube clips, three of which relate to the Rules for Decision section of ACIM.

Listen to the audio recording or watch the video below.

In January 2103, Cate committed to a total devotion to the ACIM teachings and set herself the task to undo every egoic limiting belief in her mind over the following 2 years. She was at first unsure how to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit clearly, so she spent time experimenting with different ideas that other teachers were practicing. There were many beautiful healing experiences during those 2 years of undoing as she joined with the Holy Spirit and Jesus in an effort to walk through the vicious egoic fear that was coming up. She also attended a local acim study group which bought greater understanding of the course concepts . One of the practices she was guided to do, was to see every person as Christ. To imagine they were Jesus in disguise and to treat them as if they were Jesus appearing here for the day and only she knew it. This practice was the catalyst to her mind remembering itself as the Christ .

12 months after her full committment, in January 2104 Cate had a revelation experience where she entered Gods Mind of unspeakable love. She had been reading Disappearance of the Universe where the masters talk about different states of duality and non-duality. She had no idea what these concepts meant and she asked the Holy Spirit to illuminate the meaning into her mind. A few days later, the revelation experience occurred and she realised the spirit had shown her this amazing non-duality oneness of Gods Perfect Love. Cate spent every waking moment during those two years, watching her mind like a hawk for egoic thinking. She gave every judgement, every fear, every bit of guilt, every jealousy, everything — to the Holy Spirit asking for a different way of seeing it. She undid beliefs in sickness, unworthiness and a bully at work. She was totally willing to have every belief changed. She was totally willing to be WRONG about everything she thought she knew. Her biggest forgiveness lesson was her father. This took a full 2 years to forgive completely where she came to a place in her mind where ALL was forgiven. She could only feel this big heart opening of love for her Dad. Once that had occurred, the world was forgiven.

Another 12 months later, in January 2015, Cate’s mind had a full dropping away of the ego – what some call an awakening. She stepped into the shower on a Wednesday morning to get ready for her job as a full time Accountant and in an instant, her mind flipped around. She could only see God in everything. She was laughing and joyful. In that instant, the holographic teachings of ACIM were like a download into her mind where it all came together as a full realisation. The most notable thing was the complete SILENCE of the mind. The commentary of the ego had ceased and only the present moment (eternal always) was being experienced. The small self fell away to reveal a mind of unspeakable love. In that moment of awakening, her mind joined with the wisdom and love of Gods Mind in what the course calls “knowledge” rather than “perception” and she knew that everyone WAS Christ and that all minds had simply had fallen asleep believing they were separate from God/Perfect Love. In that moment, her concept of God changed for ever.

Since awakening, Cate has dedicated her life to God and teaching A Course in Miracles as practical forgiveness. She is part of the Pathway to Peace ACIM Group located in Melbourne Australia, where she works with other local teachers and students. In October 2016, she presented with Sophie Delphoi at the Australia A Course in Miracles 3 day Conference. Currently she co-hosts a weekly international ACIM online Zoom group with Steven Dean and works as a mentor to dedicated ACIM students who have a strong desire to undo their ego beliefs and experience the Peace of God. She is an advocate for undoing the ego for where every you are. As mind is cause, we don’t need to go to community or run away from our lives – we just need to work with every little trigger as it arises. That trigger is pointing to an opportunity to release it and once released, more peace is experienced.

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