Awakening Together Summer Election Process – Now Underway!

To all Awakening Together members:

It is time for Awakening Together’s second annual election! This summer we will elect three new members to the Member Board of Trustees.

What is the Member Board of Trustees?

The Member Board of Trustees is the leadership team that works with the President-Minister and Vice President-Minister to manage Awakening Together. They are responsible for all aspects of leadership including drafting policies and procedures, leading subcommittees, addressing issues and more. The Member Board of Trustees currently meets via Google+ on the first and third Monday of each month from 7:30-9pm ET. You can find out what they discuss and decide at these meetings by perusing their meeting minutes.

Who can be nominated to the Board of Trustees?

Our constitution requires someone to be a charter member of Awakening Together or a member for 2 years in order to serve on the Board of Trustees. Since Awakening Together is not 2 years old yet, that means only charter members are eligible to be nominated for this election. Charter members are people who joined Awakening Together in the first three months.

Click here for a list of charter members

How do I nominate someone for the Board of Trustees?

You may nominate yourself or someone else to the Member Board of Trustees as long as the nominee is on the list of charter members. If you are nominating someone else, it is a good idea to get his/her permission first.

To nominate a person, send an email to .

All nominations received by June 8 will be put on the nominee list. However the earlier a nomination is received the greater the nominee’s chance of making it to the ballot.

Are all nominees put on the ballot?

No. In order for a nominee to be placed on the ballot, 10% of the membership must support the nomination. If there aren’t enough nominees who receive support from 10% of the membership, the Member Board of Trustees will select nominees for the ballot.

How does a nominee get support from the membership?

Each nominee will be listed under the Members menu on the Awakening Together website.

Click here to see the current list of nominees

Members are encouraged to visit that link regularly between May 25 and June 8. When you see a nominee that you want to support, send an email to stating that you want to support that person’s nomination.

How many people can I nominate or support?

Each member may nominate or support up to three nominees since there are three seats available to be filled on the Member Board of Trustees. (For example, if you nominate one person you can support two others. Or if you nominate two people, you can support one additional person. You have a total of three voting credits to use in the nomination/support process.)

How are nominees elected to the Member Board of Trustees?

Each nominee that receives support from 10% of the membership or from the Member Board of Trustees will be placed on the ballot if he/she accepts the nomination. The ballot will be sent to all members via email on June 20. You will have until July 6 to place your vote. The three nominees receiving the most votes during the ballot process will be elected to the Member Board of Trustees.

How can I get to know the nominees before I vote?

Each nominee who accepts the nomination will be asked to provide a photo and biography. These will be sent to all members during the ballot election process.

Who is currently on the Member Board of Trustees?

You can see the list of current Trustees along with pictures and brief biographies by clicking here.

Please participate in Awakening Together’ summer elections. We need your participation in order for the elections to be a success!

The Member Board of Trustees

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