Auto-Connect, by Gloria Wells

Auto-Connect, by Gloria Wells

In today’s modern, high tech society we get to enjoy the benefits of cell phone and internet connections that we often give little or no thought to.

As I completed my latest Minister Preparation Program (MPP) course and learned more about the teachings of Ramana Maharshi, I had the opportunity to contemplate just how similar one of the weekly mantras we learned in class is to real life technology.

The mantra I took away from this course was simple enough but had a profound impact on my perception of awareness and helped me to better understand what my relationship to that awareness is. This simple mantra, “Remain with the Self,” and the deep sense of connection I feel when I practice it is similar to how my wifi signal at home automatically recognizes my device when I return home. I don’t have to ask my phone to stop using my data and switch to wifi. It was designed to recognize the signal and “auto-connect” to my internet connection effortlessly.

Using the mantra, “Remain with the Self,” worked in much the same way. We are designed to recognize our Truth at the deepest level, and we draw to us every experience needed to help guide us in that direction. Turning toward the Self in this way gives us an instant connection to that Truth affording us the same flexibility as almost any smart phone… the ability to auto-connect.

“Having realized the Self nothing remains to be known because it is perfect bliss, it is the All” ~ Ramana Maharshi

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