Audio Player Test


Awakening Together has been notified that Dropbox is changing its service on September 1, and it will no longer provide public access to links. That means we need to move our audio files to another server and provide a another way for our members to listen to them.

The purpose of this page is to test different audio players to see if members are able to play audios using these players on the different devices they use to listen to audios. We are hoping to identify one player that will work for all of our members on all of their devices.

Test Instructions

Using the devices you use, please click on each of the following audio players to see if the audio plays. After you have tested all of the players, please click this link and let us know which players worked for you. Please complete the test by [Date], so we can make a choice that includes your test data.

Choice #1 – Basic WordPress Audio Player

Choice #2 – Dropbox Share Option

Regina’s Folder

Lesson One Audio

DriveHq Spaces In File