Audio from 2/15/15 Satsang with Nirmala

Audio from 2/15/15 Satsang with Nirmala

On Sunday, February 15, 2015, Regina Dawn Akers interviewed Nirmala for Awakening Together’s monthly online Satsang. Nirmala offers free e-books, audios, videos and articles on his website, Endless-Satsang. His friend and mentor, Adyashanti, describes Nirmala this way:

“What is appealing about Nirmala is his humility and lack of pretense, which welcomes whatever arises within the field of experience. In the midst of this welcoming is always an invitation to inquire deeply within, to the core of who and what you are. Again and again, Nirmala points the questions back to the questioner and beyond to the very source of existence itself-to the faceless awareness that holds both the question and the questioner in a timeless embrace.”

Enjoy the following Satsang audio recorded live in the Awakening Together Sanctuary.

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