Announcing our New Spirit-Led Campaign

Announcing our New Spirit-Led Campaign

Dear Awakening Together members and friends:

Our President-Minister, Regina Dawn Akers, had an experience of guidance when she was in Santa Barbara in September of this year. You can read about her experience by clicking here. The guidance she received was to establish an Awakening Together Retreat Center in Pueblo, Colorado to further our purpose as peers dedicated to recognizing and embracing universal wisdom regardless of the form in which it appears. This will be a center where we will hold retreats and where we will create an environment to help people get in touch with and realize inner guidance and inspiration. We envision much laughter, music, meditation and contemplation will happen there. Spirit is guiding all aspects of this process. As part of this process, raising the funding is crucial.

So, with this announcement, we are excited to launch our Spirit-Led Capital Campaign. Through engaging in this Spirit-Led Capital Campaign, we ask you to go within and inquire of Spirit how you can best serve our Awakening Together community. If you are so guided, we ask that you consider making a donation to our Campaign. We have over 400 members of Awakening Together. For example, if every member donated $1,000, we could raise the money to purchase the center.

If you go to our Spirit-Led Capital Campaign link, you can find out more about our vision and how you can help. One option is to pledge funds over one or even two years.

One note: Some of you donate regularly to Awakening Together, and you have since before this campaign. Those donations are allocated to our annual operational budget; that money is needed to keep Awakening Together running. Thank you very much for your generous donations. They continue to be helpful.

Again, procuring a retreat center is a collaborative venture. We are in this together, with Spirit. We trust guidance in all things, including a decision to donate for our Retreat Center.

Blessings to you,

The Member Board of Trustees, Board of Directors and other volunteers.

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