Announcing our March Movie: Adam’s Apples

Join us for Movie Watcher’s  Group on Sunday, March 26  at 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT.   This month’s movie is “Adam’s Apples.”  This movie features a priest in a rural church who sees the world through rose-colored glasses and whose rectory is a half-way house for recently paroled convicts. Adam, is a large, tough neo-Nazi, first baffled by the priest’s thick-headed optimism, then angry, who vows to break Ivan’s faith.


The movie is available on many provider sites including Amazon Prime. Watch the movie with Spirit, then come and share your insights with the group.  Guided movie watching allows us to experience our world and practice forgiveness without leaving our living room!  It is recommended you join with Spirit in meditation or prayer prior to viewing the movie and then journal after.  Watch for common themes, for characters you like or don’t like, for situations that seem to cause discomfort or joy.  Contemplate what your reactions to the movie tell you about your beliefs about yourself and the world you live in.  Bring what you learn back to the group and learn from others’ movie watching experience as well.  Enjoy the movie and don’t forget to watch your mind!

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