Unique Inner Guidance

Our true Self is non-dual changeless aware isness. It is also intelligence itself, like the intelligence that grows a plant from a seed and the intelligence that drives every baby to learn to walk. This intelligence does not speak in words, although the brain can interpret it and put it into words. This intelligence is a natural guiding force.

The natural guiding force that comes from the intelligence of the true Self has been called by many names including the still small voice, the Holy Spirit, God, the Guru, intuition, me, conscience, etc. Regardless of how we identify it, it is a natural intelligence inherent in every person.

Each person has unique inner guidance. Unique guidance leads us differently, but it leads us with common purpose. It leads us to live in harmony as people while awakening to the true Self as what we are.

Everyone experiences the natural guiding force in a lifetime. It may drive a person to become a musician or a doctor or anything else; it leads us to pick up certain books, which lead us into contemplation of ourselves; it motivates us to accomplish what we are to accomplish as our part of the whole, and it lets us know when we need to rest.

Even though everyone experiences the natural guiding force of the non-dual Self, everyone also ignores it to one degree or another. For example, we may notice the feeling of ‘no’ urging us not do something that will cause us harm or complicate our lives. However, we often listen to outside voices or critical and anxious thoughts in our own mind and do that thing anyway. That is an example of repressing our true intelligence in favor of individual thinking and perceptions.

As we repress our true intelligence in favor of individual thinking and perceptions, we come to rely on individual thinking and perceptions more and on true guiding intelligence less. In this way, guiding intelligence seems mostly unfamiliar, although it can still take a surprising lead in our lives. For example, circumstances may unfold to lead us out of one career path and into another. This can be guiding intelligence taking the lead, just as it leads a baby to learn to walk. However, if we rely on individual thinking and perceptions, we may misinterpret current events and perceive ourselves as victims of a change that we think we do not want.

Awakening Together is a universal assembly of peers who are aware that we have a choice. We can live by giving attention to individual thinking and perceptions or we can live by giving attention to natural guiding intelligence. It is our purpose to live by giving attention to natural guiding intelligence, because that is our true Self and our true intelligence. Therefore, we endeavor to recognize the difference between individual thinking and natural guidance, and we learn to overlook individual thinking in favor of natural guidance.

Even though we endeavor together to this common goal, we know that natural guidance looks different for each person. Therefore, we are committed to respecting and supporting each other on our unique paths of guidance.

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