One True Self

Most people go about their daily lives believing the thoughts in their minds, believing their perceptions, and believing they are the body-mind-personality that they experience themselves to be. Most people never question this “knowledge” about who they are. They take it to be a fact.

Spiritual masters from all religious traditions and throughout history urge us to question these ideas of identity. They teach that the body-mind-personality that we take ourselves to be is nothing more than a temporary experience, like a living costume, while the true Self, which is eternal, is ever-present right here right now as what we truly are.

Jesus referred to realizing the true Self as being born again.
Buddha called it enlightenment.
Ramana Maharishi called it Self-realization.

Spiritual seekers have sought the direct experience of truth longer than man has kept spiritual records. Our earliest teachers were once seekers themselves. Jesus advised, “Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be opened.”

Awakening Together is a universal assembly of peers dedicated to embracing all universal wisdom that points to truth regardless of the form in which it appears. We are also dedicated to recognizing the ways we deny our truth by adopting personal beliefs and biases. We want to recognize these limitations so we can free ourselves from them and open to the direct experience of Self-realization.

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