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PuebloLakeOnline3“Even if one lives in the world, one must go into solitude now and then. It will be of great help to a man if he goes away from his family, lives alone, and weeps for God even for three days. Even if he thinks of God for one day in solitude, when he has the leisure, that too will do him good.”
~ Sri Ramakrishna

Dear Friends,

There is something about being alone with God … you and You … mind immersed in the heart in solitude.

On November 11, 2014 Awakening Together initiated a fundraising campaign so we can open a retreat center in Pueblo, Colorado. The purpose of the retreat center is to provide an environment where you can be alone with God…you and You. The retreat center will offer support. It will include a library, indoor and outdoor quiet space, room to walk, and more. There will be a caretaker available 24/7 providing meals and assistance. I will come and support you in whatever way may be helpful. There will also be times when workshops and Satsang will be offered at the retreat center.

We have set a fundraising goal of $450,000 for this campaign. When the money is raised, we will use it to buy a big house surrounded by natural beauty with plenty of space. That will be our retreat center.

We ask you to consider donating to help realize this vision. Our goal is extremely achievable.

**If each member of Awakening Together donates $10 per week
to this campaign, we can realize our vision in just two years.
Consider donating one lump sum of $520 or more
when you get this year’s tax refund.**

There are two ways to donate, online or by sending a check. If you send a check, just write “Retreat Center” on the memo line and 100% of the funds will go the fundraising campaign. If you donate online, PayPal will keep a small portion of the donation as a fee.

Checks can be mailed to:
Awakening Together
1048 W. Stallion Dr.
Pueblo West, CO 81007

More information about how to donate

**Matching Gifts are an easy way to double or even triple your gift
to Awakening Together! Check with your employer today
to see if your employer will match your gift.**

With your help, the Awakening Together Retreat Center will be available for all of us very soon.

With Love,


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