A Message from Regina Regarding Her Teachings in the Awakening Together Sanctaury

A Message from Regina Regarding Her Teachings in the Awakening Together Sanctaury

Hi Everyone!

Let me take this opportunity to wish you a heartfelt Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I am writing to let you know about a new teaching I will offer in 2017, and to let you know about a change to the way I will post my audios in 2017.

Consistent, Gentle Healing

Starting on Tuesday, January 10, I will offer a new teaching on Tuesday evenings from 8-10pm ET, 5-7pm Pacific. This teaching will be called “Consistent, Gentle Healing.” It isn’t a teaching as much as it is a new Awakening Together Group.

Since the Fall Retreat in Colorado Springs, I have been feeling it is time for me to lead a group of committed students from their present state of mind to a more purified, more awakened state of mind. This is the group that will begin on January 10.

I am looking for committed students who would like to make consistent, gentle progress toward genuine peace, joy and love. This group will meet weekly and will be committed to specific assignments and practices between group meetings.

In the beginning, all that you need to participate in this group are copies of A Course in Miracles and The Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament (NTI). As we move forward as a group, there may be additional books that we will purchase and go through together, but these two books are enough in the beginning. Although I fully support the Sparkle and Original Edition of A Course in Miracles, I feel it is best as a group that we all work with the same version of the Course. Therefore, I recommend the Foundation for Inner Peace version of the Course for this group. I have selected this version of A Course in Miracles simply because it is the first version that I worked with, and it is the most-commonly owned version of A Course in Miracles in the world today.

If this Awakening Together group calls to you, I recommend arranging your personal schedule so that you can participate in the group live. However if this is not possible, audios will be posted and you can participate by listening to the audios.

Several friends have asked me if one needs to ‘register’ for this group. Nope. All you have to do is come. You may join us in one of two ways: In the Awakening Together Sanctuary or at Ken Gibson’s house in Pueblo West, CO. If you live in the Pueblo area and would like to meet with us in person, contact me for directions.

Where to Find My Audios

Over the past several months I have been posting my teachings on awakening-together.org and on reginadawnakers.com. However, this makes twice as much work for me and I feel I need to be more efficient with my time. Therefore, starting immediately here is how you can access my audio teachings:

Seven Steps to Awakening – Posted at reginadawnakers.com under Audios.

The Guiding Light – Posted at reginadawnakers.com under Audios.

Consistent, Gentle Healing – Posted at awakening-together.org under Audios, Sanctuary Highlights, Gentle Healing Group.

Awakening Together Weekly Gatherings – Posted at awakening-together.org under Audios, Weekly Gathering Audios.

Michael Langford Study Group – Posted at awakening-together.org under Audios, Sanctuary Highlights.

Subscribe So You Don’t Miss a Thing

reginadawnakers.com – You can subscribe to reginadawnakers.com from the home page and receive a weekly post with all new audios.

awakening-together.org – You can subscribe to awakening-together.org under Join Us, Subscribe to Daily Updates and receive a daily post with all new audios.

Enjoy the downtime that traditionally falls between Christmas and New Year’s Day. I look forward to everything that will come to us in 2017.

Love, Regina

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