A Message from Jan Frazier about the Awakening Together Fall Retreat


“What happens when you stop trying to change yourself, to get somewhere besides where you are, and instead become aware of how it is – how you are – this moment?

What does awareness itself feel like, and what does it have to teach us about what we are that is free of the ego-self?

Explore your self, what you seem to be. How real your “self” feels. How do your ideas and stories of the self differ from the awareness that actually experiences the moment – that feels, notices, discovers?

How is it possible to orient to thought such that it ceases to enslave us?

What is the difference between spontaneous feeling and mind-caused emotion? If mind- caused suffering ceases, do we still feel?

These are the kinds of things we will explore together at the retreat. There will be times of teaching, times of meditative silence, periods of sharing and questions. We may do a little writing.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Discover your true Self with Jan Frazier, a gentle, loving guide who knows the true Self through consistent, direct experience. Join Awakening Together members and friends for a 3-day retreat with Jan at the Franciscan Retreat Center in Colorado Springs, CO.

Friday, October 30 – Sunday, November 1colorado_springs3

Single room, all meals plus Jan’s gentle & clear guidance: $550 per person

Shared room, all meals and Jan’s gentle & clear guidance: $395 per person

frc6Commuter rate with lunch and dinner each day, plus Jan’s gentle & clear guidance: $295 per person

Saturday only, lunch and dinner, plus Jan’s gentle & clear guidance for the day: $150 per person

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